The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

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    [b]Bill Clinton details plan to fight obesity in kids[/b]
    Mon Feb 13, 2006 2:18 PM ET
    By Scott Malone

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former President Bill Clinton and officials from a health foundation on Monday unveiled a plan to fight childhood obesity with better school meals and more exercise.

    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation put up an $8 million grant to back the Clinton-backed Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which also will work with teachers to encourage them to be healthier role models for kids.

    More than 9 million U.S. children over the age of 6 are considered obese, and during the past three decades, obesity rates tripled among U.S. children aged 6 to 11, according to data from the Johnson Foundation.

    "If the present trends continue, this generation could be the first to have shorter expected life spans than their parents," Clinton told a news conference at a Manhattan elementary school that will participate in the program.

    With many U.S. schools facing budget constrictions and pressure to focus on core academic subjects rather than health and fitness, Clinton said his group would work with food suppliers to find low-cost supplies of healthy meals and snacks for students, and with sporting goods suppliers to provide lower cost athletic equipment for gym classes.

    "We want to help to change the economics that are keeping schools from providing better meal options and greater access to physical activity," Clinton said.

    The program will initially work with 253 schools in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

    "We want to halt the growth of childhood obesity by 2010 and reverse the trend by 2015," said Clinton, who often struggled with his weight during his presidency and who has had heart surgery since leaving office.

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  • And what if the teacher is a big fat fuck? This is like taking diet tips from Ian Hewitson....

  • Clinton's dull book is full of all sorts of ridiculous lies but the most absurd is about jogging. Clinton was photographed repeatedly going into a MacDonald's on his weekly Saturday morning jog from the White House. He claims in his book "I only ever ordered a cup of water."  :idiot2: All those Cheeseburgers led to his heart by-pass.

    Good on him for trying to do something about childhood obesity. There are some really fat kids out there who are paying the cost of eating crap at home and school + zero exercise.

  • [quote name='Sparky']
    There are some really fat kids out there who are paying the cost of eating crap at home

    This is the big area. Lazy fucking parents who wouldn't know fresh veges and fruit if it kicked them right up the arse. You can accuse school canteens of supplying shit as long as you like but ultimately the other two meals of the day should come at home.

  • There is a PE teacher in Hamilton (an ex teammate of mine) who hits the scales at 172kgs.  He proudly Claims to be NZs biggest PE teacher.  I keep telling him that aint a good thing!

  • that is quite large RB.  He wouldn't win too many chin up competitions eh....!!

  • If he does I'm not going to mess with him.

    Never trust a skinny cook either.

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