MotM vs Argentina I

  • You can only have 10 options so I have picked who sounds like the most deserving. Didn't even watch the game mind you.

  • BB, BSmith and for me.

  • Barrett, Crotty and Ben Smith. Barrett and Crotty were absolutely clear, the third spot was a difficult choice between Julian and Ben.

  • @hydro11 said in MotM vs Argentina I:

    You can only have 10 options so I have picked who sounds like the most deserving. Didn't even watch the game mind you.

    It allows 23 now and multiple selection

  • No Romero?

  • Kaino, Julian and BB.

    Kaino was the best forward by a long shot.

  • BB, Julian and Kaino. Threw a bone to Julian for a pretty impressive step up from mediocrity. Cane played bloody well too.

  • Savea Crotty and Kaino

  • BB, and then Kaino & Cane because they did the effective work stopping the Pumas scoring more in the first fifty minutes.

  • Jerome (playing the house down at the moment), Sam Cane (playing the house down at the moment) and B ... B ... Barrett.

    B ... B ... Barrett's efforts rubbed off on B ... B ... Ben Smith and B ... B ... Israel who both demonstrated the speed and skill which lurks and prowls and threatens up the back all the while; and Crotty the Crock just quietly went out there and did what he does. The locks went well and Julian Savea made his mark well enough.

  • Looking at this begs the question whether a yellow card should be considered by the referee as the Argie defender definitely looked to be deliberately batting the ball forward. It is a little unclear whether he got a touch to it or not but his intentions are obvious.

  • BFA, BB, JS.
    He will seldom get MoTM but Whitelock's support play, motor and skills always topnotch. Highly skilled and consistent player. TJP worth a mention too I thought. And that steal near the end was Cruden's wasn't it? Honorable mention to Dagg's pecs-that was some rebound!
    Cane played well but A Savea - what a dynamo!
    But for MoTM was BFA. Always class. And he must be much stronger than he looks..
    Again fantastic selection timed changings by the coaches.

  • @nostrildamus TBF, Whitelock always gets quite a few MoTM votes.

  • @Nepia yes he does win them but not -that- often. Especially when you consider the work he puts in compared to some who just flash in for the glitzy stuff.

  • Great to see Jules back in the top three, he may just get that try scoring record afterall. His form is a testament to Hansen and the coaching team.

  • For some reason I can't see the poll?

    That header back to Romano was so pretty. He even cushioned it so it would loop rather than power the header down like all good strikers are taught!

    I want to see a sparkling cover drive in the next test

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