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  • In more interesting NH club rugby news: the French Top 14 season is now 4 weeks underway and there have been some surprising results.

    La Rochelle, the club of Victor Vito and Jason Eaton has won 3 and drew 1 of their 4 games. This sees them top the table, but they have only played one of the stronger teams - Clermont. That was the draw at home.

    Clermont comes 2nd, with two wins and two draws. One of their wins was away against Nemani Nadolo's Montpellier, and the two draws were also in away games, including a game against 2015 Champions Stade Francais. On Sunday, they smashed Racing 92 (without Carter who has taken up sailing) 47-10. Hosea Gear and Isaia Toeava haven't played yet this season because of injury (knee and shoulder, respectively).

    Stade Francais and Toulon come next on equal points, but Toulon already having lost two games, against lowly Bayonne (promoted from Pro D2; NZ players incl Tanerau Latimer, Adam Whitelock, Thom Donelly) and -at home- against Brive, and two away wins against Pau and Toulouse. Ma'a Nonu started for Toulon in all four games.

    Racing 92 (Dan Carter, Chris Masoe, Ben Tameifuna, Casey Laulala) sits 8th on the table, also with two wins and two losses, but with fewer bonus points.

  • He's been given 13 weeks on first biting charge. Second charge was dismissed.

    Some media saying he might appeal but that's conjecture for the moment.

  • Jaysus he seems to get into a lot of wierd trouble

    Unlucky or perhaps a bit not right in the head (maybe just rugby gods karma for those ridiculous dives)

  • @Siam said in NH club rugby:

    Jaysus he seems to get into a lot of wierd trouble

    Unlucky or perhaps a bit not right in the head (maybe just rugby gods karma for those ridiculous dives)

    He combines being very stroppy & excited on the pitch, with being a little bitch. So he gets done for cheap shots, eye gouges, biting, talking back to players / refs etc.

    I've given up on my number 1 wish in rugby which was him swan diving in to win the world cup & dropping the fucking ball mid dive.

  • The video was not really conclusive and you could well ask questions of Waller with his hand and arm all over Ashton's face but to me it just looks like a rugby incident and nothing much to be concerned about. Having said that though, Ashton's growing rep as a tool cannot help him in circumstances like these and he is unlikely to get much sympathy. FWIW I thought the eye gouge last year was questionable too.

  • @Catogrande If that was the case, you'd think the other player would say it didn't happen?

  • @Bones
    Not sure if you mean the biting or the gouging incident? Assuming it is the former, you would need to add context - the match itself was pretty brutal and there was a lot of niggle. Both sides were up for it and there was plenty of bitch play going on. In the context of the match it wouldn't surprise me that someone had got bitten or that someone could claim a bite when another time they might just wash it off as something and nothing. But yeah I would like to assume that if a guy had claimed he'd been bitten that there was some sound reason for doing so..

    During the game Waller (not alone by any means) was playing the tool card at every opportunity and got yellowed himself for a stupid off the ball dump tackle at one point. In itself the tackle was not much of anything other than being plain stupid. Does that have a bearing on his claims? Who knows but the video posted below doesn't show much to me - certainly not 13 weeks.

  • @Catogrande It's a dirty filthy bite! 13 weeks is pretty sweet.

  • @Bones Well the judiciary certainly thought so and they're never wrong 🤦

  • you cant really accidentally bite someone, and having been bitten, you know you've been bitten, so I don't think you would confuse some other niggle with a bite.

  • The rumour on PR from someone who likes to think he is in the know is that Ashton is going to head back to league after the suspension.

  • Just as well Ashton's been taking good care of his teeth.

  • @Smudge said in NH club rugby:

    The rumour on PR from someone who likes to think he is in the know is that Ashton is going to head back to league after the suspension.

    That's already been reported in media before today - e.g. Guardian newspaper

    "“What I am hearing is absolutely not the Chris Ashton I know,” said the club’s chairman, Nigel Wray. “I very much hope that Chris is not forced out of English rugby because he is a very well-liked and respected member of our family, one of the hardest workers in the game. I am not a lawyer, but if this were a legal matter the case would not come to court.”

    The implication was that the 29-year old Ashton would, once his suspension was completed, look at finishing his career in France or return to rugby league having left Wigan for Northampton in 2007."

  • Don't these guys have lawyers at their trials, and they are treated as legal matters?

  • God I had the miss fortune of watching the Toulon v Clermont and the Toulouse v SFP games. For teams with high profile stars in them the passing, ball control, and running lines were of the standard to would expect to see at amateur level, because most of the team were on the piss the night before.

  • Jake White gone from Montpellier,Vern Cotter to take over. I wonder what side hes going to be "fully committed to" next?

  • @Stargazer said in NH club rugby:

    Mourad Boudjellal contemplates selling Toulon


    My heart bleeds!

    "There is a strong chance that this will be my last year," Boudjellal said on AFP. "I do not have a huge fortune but it's reasonable.

    "I am much depleted by the club and I don't know if many presidents do this.

  • Scotland coach Vern Cotter to join Montpellier for season 2017/18

    Wednesday 28 September 2016
    Scotland coach Vern Cotter has, as was widely anticipated, found himself a post with Montepllier in France’s Top 14 from the end of the current season when his contract with Murrayfield expires.
    Cotter was controversially replaced by Glasgow boss Gregor Townsend just a few short months ago despite taking Scotland to within a whisker of the World Cup semi-finals in 2015, losing to Australia in the last minute thanks to a incorrectpenalty.
    Cotter made his name in France, first as a player and more recently as the head coach of Clermont, who he led to the Top 14 Championship in 2010 after innumerable failures in the final. He moved to Scotland in 2014, one year later than expected after the Scottish Rugby Union failed to inform Clermont of their signing and the club duly held Cotter to his contract rather than release him one season early.
    The current Montpellier coach, World Cup-winner Jake White, is leaving the club to make way for Cotter. What is less clear is just how many of the South African counterparts that White signed are leaving with him.
    After failing to make much of an impact in the Six Nations to date – two wins in ten attempts – Cotter has one final season of Six Nations rugby to make his mark in Europe before a return to the club game.


    The official announcement by Montpellier: http://www.montpellier-rugby.com/news/communique-officiel-0

    Not in the official announcement, but according to the French paper Midi Libre, Cotter has signed a deal for 3 seasons (so until June 2020): http://www.midilibre.fr/2016/09/28/rugby-montpellier-l-ancien-clermontois-vern-cotter-a-signe-au-mhr,1400186.php

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