Counties vs Waikato

  • More injuries for Waikato. Kautai, Skeen and Manihera are out.

    1. Latu Talakai (Fraser Tech)

    2. Hame Faiva (University)

    3. Josh Iosefa-Scott (Melville)

    4. Brad Tucker

    5. Brian Alainu’uese (University)

    6. Adam Burn (Hamilton Old Boys)

    7. Mitch Jacobson (Hautapu)

    8. Whetu Douglas – Captain (University)

    9. Harrison Levien (Hamilton Marist)

    10. Sam Christie (Fraser Tech)

    11. Sevu Reece (Melville)

    12. Tevita Taufui (Melville)

    13. Willis Halaholo

    14. Iliesa Ratuva Tavuyara (Hamilton Old Boys)

    15. Tyler Campbell (University)

    16. Steven Misa (Hamilton Marist)

    17. Tau Koloamatangi (University)

    18. Ayden Johnstone (Hautapu) *

    19. Leva Fifita (Hamilton Old Boys) *

    20. Murray Iti (Otorohanga)

    21. Pele Cowley (Hamilton Old Boys)

    22. Jason Robertson (University)

    23. Milford Keresoma*

    • = Waikato debut

    Counties Manukau: Luteru Laulala, Sione Fifita, Sam Vaka, Cardiff Vaega, Sherwin Stowers; Piers Francis, Augustine Pulu, Sootala Fa'aso'o, Jordan Taufua, Jimmy Tupou, Matiaha Martin, Viliame Rarasea, Kalolo Tuiloma, Gafatasi Su'a, Sean Bagshaw.
    Reserves: Hika Elliot, Pauliasi Manu, Sione Faletau, Matt Vaai, Onosa'i Auva'a, Richard Judd, Nathan de Thierry, Joe Ikenasio.

    Good to see Elliot and Manu back.

  • Manu has to impress very quickly if he wants a seat in the AB plane for the EOYT.

  • This is pretty fun to watch so far, being played at a great pace. The Counties tighthead (Tuiloma) has a hat-trick within 17 minutes....

  • Must admit that Counties is playing really well this season. Looking forward to seeing how they will do against Canterbury on 15 October (at home).

  • @Stargazer Wonder who you'll be cheering for eh....

  • @Bones said in Counties vs Waikato:

    @Stargazer Wonder who you'll be cheering for eh....

    Neither of them, or both of them, as both teams are so far ahead of the Magpies that it doesn't matter which one wins. We'll probably be relegated anyway.

  • @Stargazer Is "we" Canterbury? 🙂

  • @Bones said in Counties vs Waikato:

    @Stargazer Is "we" Canterbury? 🙂

    Have you lost your marbles? 😨

  • When Waikato plays smart with the quick pick and go's around the same corner, they're killing CM, just not enough of it.

  • Where's Jordan Trainor these days?

  • @Tim said in Counties vs Waikato:

    Where's Jordan Trainor these days?

    He was ruled out of the game v Taranaki with an ankle injury.

  • Is Tuiloma qualified to play for NZ?

  • Pulu looking good , the depth in talent in NZ rugby right now is frightening , for other countries that is

  • @Crash said in Counties vs Waikato:

    Is Tuiloma qualified to play for NZ?

    Born in NZ, qualifies for Samoa.

  • Had to love that hat trick from a tight head prop in under 20 minutes. Owen Franks take note 😉

    CM really got sloppy in the last quarter and nearly let Waikato back into it but I'll forgive them as they have just come through quite a heavy match workload.

    I haven't seen a scrum going backward like that Waikato one in the first half in a long time. Boof looks to be doing some sterling work with the forwards. Pulu still prone to making a wrong decision from time to time but he probably has a mandate to have a crack often as overall it ends up on the right side of the ledger and keeps the defence in check.

    Bit disappointed in Sione Fifita this year, he isn't hitting his straps like last year. Maybe it was all that time spent hanging around the SWBs at the Crusaders? His play has really dulled.

    Cardiff Vaega has put on quite a bit of size and I get the feeling he may still slowly grow into a top level player when he puts it all together. I wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up around the Blues training ground given that T was instrumental in getting him back up north although with SBW moving franchises maybe the Chiefs will be having a look.

    I don't think I'd see such a workman like CM pack since the days of Gentleman Jim Coe but they are getting through some good stuff around the park and at set piece. Historically whenever CM get a good effective pack they tend to go deep into the NPC. Hope it is so this year.

  • @Bones said in Counties vs Waikato:

    @Crash said in Counties vs Waikato:

    Is Tuiloma qualified to play for NZ?

    Born in NZ, qualifies for Samoa.

    He says he hasn't decided yet for which country he wants to play. I am not sure that he is the type of prop the All Blacks need as there must be some doubts about his mobility (could he cope with the pace at which the AB play ?). However, he could get a SR contract at least.

  • @Crucial I was happy Waikato got a BP out of this match because they were outmuscled in the 1st half and made too many mistakes on attack. The Waikato lineout really struggled with 2 undersized locks who probably only met eachother before the game.

    Sevu Reece impresses with every match so I hope Rennie is looking closely.

    More injuries will mean Canterbury will win in a canter on Wed night.

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