Butter coffee

  • Anyone tried this? https://www.buzzfeed.com/sallytamarkin/the-best-part-of-waking-up?utm_term=.fdb5NYGJP#.gfkxO9a6W
    It's from buzzfeed so not sure of its veracity but it's interesting

  • Havent had with butter but have been drinking my long blacks for the past 3 or 4 years with a tea spoon of coconut oil in it.

    Tastes great and good energy.

  • I gave it a whirl as a mate was raving about Paleo & a few of the trendy coffee shops in London started doing it, I do think it made me feel fuller for longer, liked the taste too.

    I still occasionally do them if I'm going out drinking & there will be no food & I have to stay awake.

  • Should make you feel fuller and be more satisfying as higher fat so higher calories.

    A few people of I know go for the buffalo milk in their coffees which has similar effects.