v Waikato

  • I think our chances of an 'upset' win on Sunday may depend a lot on what happens tonight in the shield challenge, I reckon a tight win to Waikato will do us better than Canterbury taking the Shield.

    As to our team, have heard Nock and Goodhue both out for rest of the season, Markwick, Stokes and Uluviti all called up.

    My team:

    Waa, Wright, Kite,
    Neville, Robinson
    Ram, Pryor, Matich
    Markwick, Breen
    Hyland, Tua,
    Macilai, Woods, Alaimalo

  • Dream on! We will get smoked tonight and if we don't and we pull off an upset, I would happily watch our team take a bit of a bath up your way.

  • @Hooroo bro, I'm a Northland fan, I spend most of my time dreaming! 🙂

  • Have heard Matt Moulds should be back from what was supposed to be a season ending neck injury

  • @Haydos hope so, he hasn't had much of a run this year. That said Ross Wright has been good for us.

  • @taniwharugby wonder what has happened to Larsen - he was good?

  • @kev Yeah not sure, he might have got injured cos Uluviti was called in for the Canterbury game wasnt he but when Robinson was available dropped back out?

    I think our loosies and locks seem to be operating pretty well (lineout excepted) regardless of who comes in.

  • Waikato losing the Shield tonight = trouble for us on Sunday

    They'll be a little unhappy and wanting to take it out on someone I think....

    On another note, very sad to hear of that young fulla Javon Halverson (sorry sp?) from the Northland bs was killed in a car accident at Towai a few days ago. Thoughts go out to his family, friends and team mates. What a tragedy.

  • Damn really, I hadnt heard that! Kinda puts things into perspective! 😞

  • be nice to know about injuries...Ram? Wood? Yet another change in the mid-field.


  • Good luck to the guys - start strong, play tough and smart and we can win this.

  • This wet weather might be a good thing for us, as our pack is our strength.
    Tuck the ball up your jumpers lads and prepare for a battle in the trenches.

  • I think Nock out for the season, Goodhue will be 50-50 for the harbour game,
    Agree with everything Gunner said

  • Thought it was a tad arrogant to go to the line out with 3 points on the offer, shame we could only get 3

  • C'mon Northland!

  • Thought if you were on your feet you could do what you like at the breakdown?

  • Don't let up northland!

    25-8 5 to go in half

  • @taniwharugby You are winning for the first time in a while. Don't be greedy.

  • 32- 8 at the break...

    Wtf....hopefully Waikato run out of steam.

  • Kicking a lot better, exits still need work. Waikato have made a lot of mistakes handing us the ball and releasing pressure.

    Breen's little chip kick was a little cute and inside our red zone - we should try not to do that again. Play position and pressure and grind them down. Waikato look ( mentally ) tired.