BOP v Harbour

  • 100 games for Culum Retallick. Can't see anyone else reaching that milestone soon unless Lats comes back to play for us.

    Following a feast of tries in last weekend’s Mitre 10 Cup match against Auckland, the Steamers travel north to take on North Harbour in Albany.

    Steamers Coaching Management Clayton McMillan, Rodney Gibbs and David Hill have named a strong experienced side to take on North Harbour at QBE Stadium, in a must win game for the team.

    Four changes have been made to the starting line up from last week’s match against Auckland. James O’Reilly will replace Liam Polwart at hooker, after Polwart was side-lined with concussion. The remainder of the forward pack will remain unchanged. The back line remains relatively unchanged with the exception of Dan Hollinshead starting at first five eight with Kelly Haimona moving to the number 22 jersey. Monty Ioane will return to the starting line up on the right wing with Regan Ware moving to the left wing.

    Flanker Henry Stowers, halfback Luke Campbell and full back Te Rangi Fraser will return to start off the bench.

    Saturday afternoon will be a prestigious occasion for Bay of Plenty Rugby, captain Culum Retallick will take the field for his 100th game in the Bay of Plenty jersey. Retallick will become Bay of Plenty’s seventeenth centurion.

    The team is as follows:

    1. Aidan Ross
    2. James O’Reilly
    3. Pingi Tala'apitaga
    4. Keepa Mewett
    5. Culum Retallick ©*
    6. Shahn Eru
    7. Hugh Blake
    8. Joe Tupe
    9. Ruki Tipuna
    10. Dan Hollinshead
    11. Regan Ware
    12. Teddy Stanaway
    13. Lalakai Foketi**
    14. Monty Ioane
    15. Isaac Te Aute

    16. Joseph Royal
    17. Solomona Sakalia
    18. Siegfried Fisi'ihoi
    19. Jesse Parete
    20. Henry Stowers
    21. Luke Campbell
    22. Kelly Haimona
    23. Te Rangi Fraser

  • Huge game for BOP. Retallick deserves a win, but things don't always go to plan. I like the line up - strong up front as always. Pleased to Hollinshead given another go. Anyone know why Foketi has 2 stars against his name? Is that vice-captain?

    It will be interesting to see Harbour's line up. They have looked strong out wide season to date, but their main strength has been their composure.

  • @GagaBoy said in BOP v Harbour:

    Anyone know why Foketi has 2 stars against his name?

    His blazer game (15)

  • Wondering if Te Aihe Toma is injured?

  • @Donsteppa I was wondering the same about Toma. He hasn't stood out this year like I would have hoped but these new rules seem to have changed the roles of halfbacks..... and loose forwards for that matter. The TAB doesn't give us much of a chance with this one as usual but I think its very definitely winnable. ( he says with fingers firmly crossed)

  • Winnable certainly but we're going to have to defend better than against Auckland, way too many holes in that line even though the forwards won the battle. A win keeps us in the running for top 4, a loss means we're goneburger.

  • North Harbour: Matt McGahan, Matt Duffie, Matt Vaega, Michael Little, Tevita Li, Bryn Gatland, Chris Smylie, Murphy Taramai, Connor Collett, Glen Preston, Chris Vui (c), Gerard Cowley-Tuioti, Sione Mafileo, Adrian Smith, Nic Mayhew; Reserves: Vyron Smith, Hani Fatai, Jethro Felemi, Josh Tyrell, Kane Jacobson, Bryn Hall, Daniel Hilton-Jones, Afa Fa'atau

  • Fitness levels = not that flash compared to Harbour. Players getting back to try and defend that Harbour try at the 36 minute mark were running in treacle.

  • And looks like Sky are only paying for Low Definition cameras...

  • Joe Tupe has been well looked after today after dominating everybody this season.

  • Well beaten today, the score flattered us a bit. Neither team is all that good to be honest but our quest to make the top 4 without winning games appears to be over.

  • God, this season has been frustrating. A lot will be made in the end of season wash up about how close we were to winning more games but the fact is we didn't win those games and better teams probably would have.

    There's a possibility that we may just win one game in the whole comp which is just not acceptable. Several of those players have been with us for a few seasons (including the coaches) so there is no excuses for lack of experience. The season has stumbled on without gaining any real momentum and most games suffering from the same problems ie.

    Too many mistakes.
    Too inconsistent.
    Going to sleep at various stages.
    Lack of ideas.
    Ineffectual tame back play.
    Shite kicking games (both in play and at goal)

    The season is over effectively which p*sses me off as us supporters deserve more. One has to wonder where we would have been without the driving lineout mauls or what influence Tiatia, Nemani or even Karpek would have made. Bring on the cricket.

  • @Snollygoster One thing we do have is very good depth - and we keep going - hence the bench doesn't really weaken us, because the first XV isn't that strong. Probably 3-4 class players short of being a reasonable team but just too many who are OK. Today our kicking game was so poor - it didn't help that the wind stopped at half-time but still, I can't remember a good tactical kick from us all game.

  • I agree with everything you say but we really need to find out exactly why we consistently can't match it in this competition....tactics ,coaching, player quality ....or more than likely a combination of all those? I'm tired of being let down, of seeing potential, of having high expectations only to see us consistently near the bottom of the ladder. What makes it harder to take is that we are close and, but for some better goal kicking or one or two less mistakes, we would still be in the reckoning for the play offs. But like I said being close is just not good enough !

  • Like everyone else, I am hugely disappointed. We were well beaten - even up front which hasn't happened too many times over the last 4 seasons. Maybe our lineout outperformed theirs - but that was it. Tupe was a little quiet, but we can't rely on a single player.

    What astounded me was how we were out thought. All their kicks paid off - I mean all! Rarely do you ever see that with the exception of maybe Canterbury at this level. Are we that dumb?

    Actually 'dumb' summarises this game. Strange thing is, we can win our next 2 and make the semis. Somehow the coach and players need to think this through seriously. We have the players, we are not lacking skillsets or even fitness I don't believe. But we are lacking leadership and brains. Not sure where that is going to come from.

    Well done Big Red. As always - strong 80 minute performance. You deserved better.

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