Auckland vs Tasman

    1. Sam Prattley (Pakuranga)

    2. Kurt Eklund (University)

    3. Marcel Renata (University)

    4. Scott Scrafton (Grammar TEC)

    5. Michael Fatialofa (Ponsonby)

    6. Liaki Moli (Manukau Rovers)

    7. Akira Ioane (Ponsonby)

    8. Steven Luatua (University)

    9. Jono Hickey (Grammar TEC)

    10. Simon Hickey (Grammar TEC)

    11. Pryor Collier (Ponsonby)

    12. Vince Aso (Ponsonby)

    13. Rieko Ioane (Ponsonby)

    14. Lolagi Visinia (Suburbs)

    15. Melani Nanai (Manukau Rovers)

    16. Blake Hill (Eden)

    17. Tom McHugh (Grammar TEC)

    18. James Lay (Pakuranga)

    19. Ben Nee Nee (Pakuranga)

    20. Josh Kaifa (Manukau Rovers)

    21. Leon Fukofuka (Marist)

    22. Liam Steel (University)

    23. Latiume Fosita (Papatoetoe)

    Moli on the blindside..

  • Those big loosies and big outside backs are going to be a huge problem for Tasman.

    Very important, I think, that Kane Hames is fit for us. Scrum is the one place we dominated Auckland last year and we definitely need that advantage again (if we can get it). Need to start Hames and Halanukonuka at tighthead - that's very strong and Perry/Geldenhuys are excellent as bench props (not so much as starters).

    I think we're going to get our arses kicked, though!

    Those linebreak stats for the Ioane brothers are pretty scary.

  • @Chris-B.

    Set pieces are where Tasman should have an advantage

    At least the Auckland scrum has Prattley back. Renata looked significantly better when playing alongside him.

    Apart from Moli's defence my biggest concern is Ecklund. His throwing has not been good and the scrum always goes better when GPT is playing.

  • @Duluth Our lineout has been pretty poor, as well. If Shane Christie is fit, I expect we'll have a loose forward trio of Koloamatangi, Christie and Samu - none of whom is very tall.

    They used Frizell at blindside last week which added some lineout height, but otherwise he didn't impress. Might be worth giving Blackadder MkII a start.

    I think Guyton and Banks are better than the Hickeys, but may not get a lot of chance to show it.

  • Yeah should be a good game - Tasman will throw everything at it and after their one great performance this year it's tough to know which Auckland team will show up this week.

    Agreed that Moli is a worry - i'd rather see Kaifa at 7 and Akira at 6, i'd like to see Kaifa come on if Moli is poor.

  • I'd of gone with Kaifa at 7 and Akira at 6 as well. Put Moli on the bench as a lock and call up Uini Fetalaiga up from the Colts to be the backrower on the bench.

    Most games I watch of Fetalaiga, he just sticks out. He reminds me so much of Luke Braid. I was surprised he came back to Auckland after being named Counties U19s player of the year last year.

  • The front row looks a lot stronger with Prattley there (didn't think I'd be saying that last year), and as has been said, Renata benefits as a result. Hopefully we won't see much more of Isi Tu'ungafasi as he offers absolutely nothing apart from making the very average Tom McHugh look up to standard.

    I thought Moli went quite well last week in the 2nd row but I don't like him at 6. Kaifa should be starting with Moli/Scrafton on the bench. Hopefully we see GPT back soon.

    Other than that our side looks ok on paper. I would also like to see someone get a bit of time at 10 for next season but that looks unlikely this late into the comp (unless we plan on playing Fosita there next season).

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  • Makos come out on fire. Auks come out like they've dosed themselves on valium.

    Sleep on lads! 🙂


  • Tasman have a good game plan - run at the Hickeys and Eklund.

  • Auckland wake up and hit back - fuck it. 🙂

    No idea why Samu got penalized in the play that got them into position to score though. These ruck laws remain a mystery to me.

  • We don't have a clue on how to defend with Tasman playing so flat and Tasman are struggling to deal with our big ball runners. A 60-60 draw wouldn't suprise me the way this game is going.

    Kurt Eklund can't throw and can't tackle. Reminds me of Tom McCartney all over again but worse.

  • Annoyingly, Tasman is a point behind at halftime having played more and better rugby.

    Auckland constructed one excellent try and grabbed an intercept - and at the end we're denied a try by some ginger haired clown - like that fucker was going to save the try! 🙂

    Touchies in for that - but where were they on the totally obvious held back on Makalio. I saw that from 1000 kilometres away! 🙂

    On the plus side - things are going far better for us than I expected.

  • Reiko gonna get a hat trick tonight?

  • @taniwharugby one try looks unlikely let alone 3.

  • Good to see us addressing our 1st half problems.

  • Is Renata really ther next best prop we got in Auckland?

  • Simon Hickey is so fucking shit

  • @KiwiMurph said in Auckland vs Tasman:

    Simon Hickey is so fucking shit

    His goalkicking is pretty good though

  • Jono is worse

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