Waikato v Hawke's Bay

    Waikato 8 3 1 4 195 213 -18 4 2 20
    Hawke's Bay 8 2 0 6 207 313 -106 4 2 14

    Only two more games to go and both are must-wins and even then, Waikato needs to drop points in their last game (v Wellington), too, if we are to stay in the Premiership.

    After their big loss to Northland, Waikato will be hurting and our boys will have gained a bit of confidence after their win. However, the Magpies were terrible in the first half against Manawatu, so it will depend on which Magpies team turns up on Saturday, and also on how Waikato deals with that loss, whether we have a chance of beating them.

    I expect that the team line-up will be unchanged, except that someone needs to take Tongia's spot on the bench. Unless McNicoll will make an appearance this season and has finally recovered from his concussion, I assume it will be Shannan Chase warming the pine. I'm also still hoping to see Mikaele-Tu'u to get some game time and take Hamelink's spot on the bench. Not sure how bad Renton's injury is, but it would be nice to see a bit more of him, too. That lad certainly doesn't have much luck.

    For once, I'm glad both Dmac and TKB are both with ALB in the AB squad in SA.

  • Waikato:

    1. Tau Koloamatangi
    2. Hame Faiva
    3. Atu Moli
    4. Jacob Skeen
    5. Brian Alainu'uese
    6. Jordan Manihera
    7. Adam Burn
    8. Whetu Douglas (c)
    9. Pele Cowley
    10. Sam Christie
    11. Sevu Reece
    12. Tevita Taufui
    13. Willis Halaholo
    14. Iliesa Ratuva Tavuyara
    15. Jordan Trainor

    Reserves: 16. Steven Misa 17. Sefo Kautai 18. Latu Talakai 19. Leva Fifita 20. Mitch Jacobson 21. Isaac Boss 22. Jason Robertson 23. Milford Keresoma.


  • Magpies:

    1. Ricky Riccitelli
    2. Ash Dixon (c)
    3. Ben May
    4. Geoff Cridge
    5. Mark Abbott
    6. Trent Boswell-Wakefield
    7. Tony Lamborn
    8. Fa'alemiga Selesele
    9. Chris Eaton
    10. Ihaia West
    11. Mason Emerson
    12. Tiaan Falcon
    13. Robbie Fruean
    14. Jonah Lowe
    15. Matt Garland

    16. Jorian Tangaere
    17. Jason Long
    18. Mason Kean
    19. Josh Eden-Whatiri
    20. Ben Hamelink
    21. Brad Weber
    22. Billy Ropiha
    23. Shannan Chase

    Changes since last game: Riccitelli back in the starting line-up at LH; Jason Long on the bench. Eden-Whaitiri replaces Filipo on the bench. As expected, Chase instead of Tongia on the bench.

    According to Hawke's Bay Today, Fahamokioa has one-game suspension for a dangerous tackle and Filipo has withdrawn with illness.

  • @Stargazer Waikato. Never easy to beat at Waikato stadium. After there performance against Northland or lack of they will be pumped and ready to go. They may lack some big names but make no mistake when they gain momentum there hard to stop. However there's 2 things I think in Hawkes Bays favour. Firstly they have been playing under the pressure of relegation for sometime Waikato have just come under it. Secondly Hawkes Bay showed last week they can shut teams down and apply continuous pressure. Losing the Shield can also take a little bit to recover from. This game could very well be a contest of wills and who wants it the most. Desperation can be a huge motivator and here's hoping we are the more desperate.

  • Every time I have gone to see them play Waikato at Waikato Stadium, the good guys have lost, so I am staying away this time.

    I can easily see Wellington beating Waikato at home in the final round robin game, so fingers crossed the Magpies can get a bonus point win, and deny Waikato any bonus points.

  • Fuck I hate these new experimental rules. First Waikato try after they take the halfback out at a ruck

  • Massive weight difference between the 2 packs. We are getting blown away with counter rucks at the moment need to get players to the breakdown.

  • Fuck this random calling of unbound. I'm out. Fuck all rugby and these fucking stupid laws and 13 year old refs who have no fucking idea what they are doing

  • why is eaton even on the park? terrible errors, and just a grub, should have been sent off for that off the ball blind-sided shoulder charge on trainor.

  • Missed the first half due to an obligatory birthday visit to family I'd normally rather skip. With hindsight, we should have stayed longer. What an awful game to watch. The officiating was horrendous, but geez, how many tackles can you miss.

    I've lost all confidence for the last game v BOP and damn it, I really don't want us to lose that one.

    Relegation it is. Would like to say that we'll be back in the Premiership after next season, but then a lot of things will have to change for the better. Not sure that's possible with Phil Crackpot coaching the team again.

    Let's have another beer.

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