North Harbour v Tasman

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    Matt McGahan, Matt Duffie, Matt Vaega, Michael Little, Tevita Li, Bryn Gatland, Chris Smylie; Murphy Taramai, Connor Collett, Glenn Preston, Chris Vui, Gerard Cowley, Sione Mafileo, Adrian Smith, Karl Tu'inukuafe

    Reserves: Kalem Chan-Boon, Hani Fatai, Jethro Felemi, Hapakuki Moala-Liavaa, Kane Jacobson, Bryn Hall, Daniel Hilton-Jones, Afa Fa'atau

  • That's a few weeks now that Parsons has been out of action. I hope he's not going to be another long-term concussion casualty.

  • Let's hope Harbour are not too big of a banana skin.

    Probably got all our best backs and all our best tight forwards in the 23. Lolohea was our biggest threat last year and Lowe the year before (he was injured last year). If they're not too rusty then they might be quite exciting. Nankivell holds the centre berth (and Christie plays halfback) but that might be something to do with the short turnaround before we play Southland. Given that Fonotia is leaving it was promising to see Nankivell have a pretty good game against the Auks marking Reiko.

    Loose forwards seem to be the ones getting injured. In the absence of Squire - Samu, Christie and Fredericks appeared to be the first choice combo and they're all out injured.

  • Harbour a big enough banana skin.

    I suppose I can't say that Tasman don't make games exciting - though an occasional 50 point win where it's all over after 20 minutes might be welcome!

    In the end I'm not sure whether we were lucky or unlucky not to win or not to lose. Mostly it was a pretty frustrating game to watch. Almost every time we got down Harbour's end we'd make a soft turnover. Far too many simple mistakes. Hitting the post with the final penalty probably par for the course.

    Another failure to score a four try bonus point - very costly. Going to need a favour from Auckland if we're going to get a home semi now.

  • Avoided the result and just watched the 2nd half. An exciting finish, if not because of the sloppy play that saw the ball turnover multiple times.

    I'd say the result is a fair reflection of where both teams are at this season.

  • @ACT-Crusader I think so too. Both teams deserved some points but only some

    Harbour unbeaten at home this season. First time since like forever, maybe even actually even ever

  • @ACT-Crusader said in North Harbour v Tasman:

    I'd say the result is a fair reflection of where both teams are at this season.

    Annoyingly, Tasman has beaten all the Premiership teams, except Canterbury - but has only picked up seven points from three crossover games. On the other hand, I don't think we've had any comfortable victories - one or two where we've jumped away to comfortable leads and then let the opposition back in - maybe against Auckland ended up semi comfortable?

    Concerning seeing Havili limp off and Banks hobbling around at the end - if Marty isn't fit, I don't think even beating Southland is in the bag. Need Samu and Christie back, as well.

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