MotM vs Australia III

  • 3 votes as usual.

  • Todd, Crockett and Julian (Todd for his work all throughout the first half) Crockett for his work in the tight that actually turned over ball for us that led to a try and Julian because apart form his tries, he actually went looking for work and did some cover defence on his opposite wing - yeah he got done by one awesome step but he didn't stop looking for work and hitting up the ball in the tight.

    Honourable mention to another mr Dependable - nothing flash just hard graft - Ryan Crotty. I like his partnership with ALB and crottty looks to be the kickoff returner now

  • Easy: Todd & Perenara
    Went for J. Savea for the 3rd spot because of his awesome tries.

  • Who the fuck are "Leinert" and "Kerr"?

  • Todd (actually thought his 1st half was just OK, 2nd half he was great)
    Whitelock - great work rate
    The good Savea - broke the game open in the second half

    Also though Crotty had a bloody good game. Was called on to make a heap of tackles and was up to the job.

  • @Unco said in MotM vs Australia III:

    Who the fuck are "Leinert" and "Kerr"?

    That was definitely the software cutting it off. Misspelling Lienert was my fault.

  • @hydro11 said in MotM vs Australia III:

    @Unco said in MotM vs Australia III:

    Who the fuck are "Leinert" and "Kerr"?

    That was definitely the software cutting it off. Misspelling Lienert was my fault.

    Really? Weird, I guess I haven't made any polls with the new forums so it just looked weird. Should probably just use ALB and TKB instead.

    Anyway, I ended up going with Todd (he's no Cane but still the stand out of the forwards), ALB (did a bit of a reverse Savea, starting really strong but fading out later on) and BFA. The bench was fuckin great though.

  • I voted because I saw the game this time. It was a good game. Coles, Todd, Bus the standouts.

    I was reading the list and thought "fuck was that guy even playing?"

  • Todd. Crotty, Crockett.
    At least I think that's what I clicked.

  • I thought it came down to choosing three of four guys. Coles Todd, TJP and J Savea. Thought Todd was good then wondered if he was part of the problem of offensive defense compared to Cane so went for the others.

  • Went for Todd, Savea and Smith

  • Todd, Perenara, Savea

  • Todd, Smith and J Savea (for 2nd half only)

  • If Matt Todd were Marty holah or Duane monkey half you fluffybunnies would be creaming your pants. That's all I have to say about that right now.

  • Banned

    Coles, Read, Kaino. Thought they played consistently well for the entire match. The latter 2 made some huge hits in defence.

    Savea did some good stuff of course but plenty of shit as well. Todd had a good game but he did miss that tackle that led to the Aus try.

  • @Unco
    ALB missed too many tackles to be named IMO.
    I went for Coles, Todd and J. Savea.

  • For the record, I even voted for two Cantabs. 😟

    Coles, Crotty and Todd for mine.

  • Todd, Kaino, Coles

    If Savea is in the running for MOTM then Kaino gets a point easy. Savea was on target to be this year's Lauaki/Rodney in Rustenburg before that final 20 minutes.

    I voted for one Cantab, I think I may have hit my head cheering when Savea ran in his try.

  • Coles, Kaino, Crotty. All got in and did the shit work, tidy up and quite a few flash plays too.

  • Ben Smith , Todd and Coles. Ben Smith has to be in the All Black great category now, he is a treasure. Todd I think booked his touring ticket, can't leave him behind now. Savea was dreadful in the first half but two sensational tries and an assist in the second I made up for it but not enough to earn a vote imho.

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