Cubs or Indians?

  • Finding myself getting caught up in the World Series.

    Will well and truly rinse Clevelands sports drought if they also win.

    Cubs superstition story is a great one too.

  • My American boss is a huge Cubs supporter - his father supported them all of his life, lived to be about 90 and never saw them win a World Series.

    Another good reason not to support the Warriors! 🙂

  • I'm going for the Cubbies.

  • @Hooroo said in Cubs or Indians?:

    Finding myself getting caught up in the World Series.

    Will well and truly rinse Clevelands sports drought if they also win.

    Cubs superstition story is a great one too.

    It would be pretty amazing that for a city of sports teams that hadn't won anything in 50+ years could go basically back to back with the NBA title and a World Series.

    Yeah whether it's Bill Goat or Bartman, there are going to be a hell of a lot of nervous Cubs fans over the next couple of weeks.

    And just to add to the mystique of it all, check out this story

  • haha posted same link above @ACT-Crusader

    Pretty amazing if happens

  • Have a soft spot for both these teams due to the Major League films (Indians) and a great ESPN documentary (Cubs).

    Reckon I have to go for the Cubs. Just seeing the terror in the faces of those fans brought me back to 1999, 2003, 2007 and even 2011. It's something you want so badly, but you get that horrible feeling that it's all about to go to shit.

    That Bartman thing also reminds me a bit of the shit Steven Donald copped after HK in 2010. It's just so easy and therapeutic have one person to blame.

  • Not going well for the Cubs so far.

    3-0 to the Indians and the Cubs are really struggling to lay a bat on the Indian's star pitcher - Kluber.

  • Indians win the first one at home - convincingly - 6-0. Cubs fans will be hoping this guy's assessment is on the money.

    Keri: Indians win both of Corey Kluber's starts (with big assists from Andrew Miller and Cody Allen), but lose the rest. Too much starting pitching, too much hitting depth, too much defense for Cubs to be denied.

  • Indians are my second team as I travel to Cleveland every year around October (safe in the knowledge the Browns will not be a contender and the Indians aren't either - fuck. The one year I didn't travel to Cleveland the Indians are fucking 3 games away from the whole shebang.

  • After dropping game 1 the cubs lead 2-0 after 3 innings. Amazing that cubs DH Schwarber is playing his second game back from surgery (ACL?) and seems to be locked right in

  • After getting dominated in Game 1,the Cubs bounce back to look much the better team in Game 2.

    Indians pitchers didn't seem to have many answers tonight and Cubs got so many men on base that the score probably flattered the Indians.

    Very handy to have someone like Aroldis Chapman to close out the innings with 100mph+ pitching. A bit like having Dale Steyn bowl your death overs.

    Let's hope the Indians don't have a Grant Elliott lurking at the wrong time!

    Cubs have overturned the home-field advantage and hopefully can make their supposedly deeper pitching roster pay in game 3.

  • as a neutral , but someone that has a bit of interest in baseball , ( played a few seasons of winter ball after I gave up rugby , when I was looking for that sporting fix )

    lets hope they go game for game and it goes down to the wire , its always more fun

  • Based on how well Kluber went in Game 1, I can see the Cubs winning Game 3 and the Indians winning Game 4 - and then maybe collars tightening on franchises with huge losing streaks! 🙂

  • @Chris-B. I wonder how long Kluber can keep it up on short rest. Surely the cub's bats will catch up with him eventually

  • @canefan Based on what I saw today, they're going to have to risk it. If Bauer is their second best starter things are going to be looking a bit shaky when they get down to number 4.

    Can't say I've ever watched much baseball before, but in the true Olympic spirit I'm already turning into an expert! 🙂

  • It's going to be a great story whoever wins given how long it's been since each team won the WS. I watched game 2 today and it was good to see the Cubs bounce back. They needed that win.

    I'm cheering for the Cubs as I lived near Chicago but hope the WS goes 7 games. The celebs have been out in force supporting the Cubs (John Cusack, Eddie Vedder, Bill Murray). Wrigley will be rocking for game 3. The average ticket will cost you US$4000.

  • The Cubs first WS home game in 71 years didn't go to plan as the Tribe won 1-0 in a pitchers duel. A big game tomorrow to regain home ground advantage.

  • I'd think they should bring about 1000 goats to the game tomorrow!

    That wasn't according to script - they really needed Baez to blast those two runs home at the end.

    Cubs fans in the 9th looked a lot like ABs fans in the last five minutes of the 2007 QF.

  • Bill Murray's performance of Take Me Out To The Ball Game was . . . interesting.

  • @Chris-B. I knew Baez wouldn't get it done - he's too aggressive at the plate. Zobrist was the best option but struck out.

    Kluber starts for the Indians tomorrow and he had the Cubs batters in all sorts of bother in game 1. It's a must win for tne Cubs I believe.

  • @Bovidae Exactly what I was thinking on all counts.

    Rizzo, Zobrist (and Schwalber) look like the backbone of that batting line-up. The others desperately need to find more productivity.

    I had the Cubs marked down to win this one and lose tomorrow, so they've got to claw that one back. Hopefully, Kluber's short turnaround will force a short stint tomorrow.

  • Cleveland wallops Chicago 7-2 to take a 3-1 lead. Always next year Cubs.

  • Looks like scary good pitching triumphs over batting again

  • Francona could make history tomorrow. He was the manager who gave the Red Sox their first title in 86 years and would do the same for the Indians after a 68-yr drought. Not bad to have on your resume.

    Maddon needs to make some changes to the batting lineup because the Cubs are struggling.

  • @Bovidae Seems like Bauer is back tomorrow, so hopefully the Cubs can have a repeat of game 2 and claw one back with Lester starting for them.

    Then they'll have to hope that their longer pitching rotation will pay dividends in the later games. Otherwise it's looking pretty bleak for them.

  • Cubs are stayin alive, stayin alive...

  • Theo Epstein is rubbing his Boston bunny foot

  • @antipodean E-P-I-C

  • The Cubs are 3 outs away from taking this series to game 7. The heart of the Cubs' batting lineup has come alive so tomorrow's game vs Kluber will be interesting.

    Whoever wins the WS, this has been fun to watch.

  • Yeah Kluber on short rest again. I would have to favour the Cubs to get up.

  • @hydro11 Its a cliche but it seems a shame someone will lose. Apparently the ratings in Cleveland have been higher than Cavs finals last year. I expect the Indians to roll the dice with Kluber, if he wins he will be undisputed mvp. You'd think the cubs will work him out next time and their talisman can bat at DH. Whoever wins I hope there is no controversy, or anything to fuel the curse

  • It's so tight now that anything could really happen.

    Pretty much a case of a team jumping quickly out of the blocks and holding its nerve, while the pressure dismantles their opponents.

    Cubs have momentum, but they're going to have to find an answer to Kluber and Miller - and they're going to have to juggle their pitching staff to use people like Lackey and Lester as relievers, because most of their relief pitching has been woeful (Chapman excepted, obviously).

  • @Chris-B. Last game of the season, neither manager will hold anything back, everyone on each pitching roster will be available if asked I reckon

  • @canefan People like Grimm, Edwards and Strop need to be locked in the changing room by their teammates IMO! 🙂

  • @Chris-B. That's what makes game 7s so interesting as all pitchers apart from today's starters will be available, even to just pitch to one batter.

    If I was Maddon I would make one change - start Ross as catcher in place of Contreras. He won't of course, but the young fella has offered nothing with the bat and is always prone to give up a pass ball, which could prove crucial in a tight game.

    Hendricks pitched well in game 3 so it's not as if the Indians have a huge advantage.

  • @Bovidae said in Cubs or Indians?:

    If I was Maddon I would make one change - start Ross as catcher in place of Contreras. He won't of course, but the young fella has offered nothing with the bat and is always prone to give up a pass ball, which could prove crucial in a tight game.

    Yeah - at times Contreras has reminded me of Kamran Akmal! Balls bounding away from him and runners stealing bases while he's fumbling in the dirt.

    After yesterday's game I was a bit surprised they didn't start Ross again, today.

    I guess it may depend on how much Hendricks has worked with Ross over the season - but, he certainly looks tidier and a cool head.

  • Wow - Fowler leads off with a home run as the first batter in the final game. Schwalber got on base somehow (I missed that) and then all of Bryant, Rizzo and Zobrist are caught in the outfield.

    Lots of bat on ball against Kluber and the commentators saying he's lacking pop!

    Go Cubs!!!

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