• Crotty and Moala look like losses.

    Was Naholo injured as well?

    Who comes in?

  • Proctor?

  • Who will be available for the midfield next week? ALB, Fekitoa, Ioane?

  • @Tim said in Injuries:


    Nah. Won't get picked. He's a Hurricane.

  • Tamanivalu is another option.

  • Jordie Barrett goes from being a "travelling apprentice" to a squad member?

  • I know Fekitoa didn't get much ball but I think ALBs stock went up a lot by not playing.

    But gee we are certainly a bit thin in them midfield now, if we weren't already

  • If Barrett wasn't ready two weeks ago then I doubt he suddenly is now. Ioane might get a run in the midfield next week now though.

    I'm not 100% sure they'll bring two replacements in for just two tests assuming theyre happy to use the three squaddies left standing against Italy. The really interesting thing is what do they view as their top midfield combination now and then what do we need as back up. ALB has already proven a better All Black 13 than Fekitoa, but is Fekitoa a test 12? Doubt it, and he was ordinary today in general. In which case we have three 13 options on tour of various readiness and no clear 12. But they may go for ALB at 12 and Fekitoa at 13 against Italy, with Ioane on the bench.
    That combo offers the most experience and it's just a toss up over which combination of the two guys positionally suits best.

    For mine I think they'll draft in a 12 for sure as a priority but it's only a maybe that they bring in a centre. And that 12? Tim Bateman I reckon, for his stability and experience. If they also want a centre then Timanivalu.

  • @shark
    Fuck no. not Bateman. Think they may go with ALB at 12 and Fekitoa/Rieko at 13. Wonder if they may also call up Tom Franklnfrom the Maoris.

  • that'd be a bit of a shit kick if they selected Bateman for the ABs I reckon, regardless of his reasons for being away from NZ until recently, he still wasnt playing in NZ.

    Cupboard is pretty bare for our mid-field.

    ALB-Fekitoa/Taimanivalu/Ioane, or maybe Buckman/ this stage, quite a lot is possible, whatever way you cut it, it is going to be a very inexperienced duo

    1. ALB
    2. Fekitoa

    Bench: Ioane

  • It won't happen, but I would really like to see Buckman to get the call. He's already in England with the Baabaas, just like Tamanivalu.

  • @Crash Unsure about this, but didn't Franklin go off injured?

  • Buckman won a Super title at 12 last year, Proctor won a Super title at 13 this year.

  • @KiwiMurph Buckman has played everywhere in the backs, except 9 and 10, the last few seasons. And he can really play well in all those positions, despite preferring the midfield.

  • Midfield and lock is a real problem for this tour.

    In terms of our A team:

    ALB is a 100% lock for 13 and I really hope they don't move him around, I'd like to see him make that 13 jumper his own (so to speak) like Conrad did.

    Crotty was a 100% lock for 12 and that injury really hurt us today. Fekitoa is a headless chook by comparison. I'm really struggling to think of anyone, but I guess it has to be Rieko despite his inexperience as he is IN the squad. Give him a go vs Italy and if he takes his chance he's our new 12.

    S Barrett has to start now, took his chance in a high pressure situation and gives Coles something to aim at.

    Pat T was really disappointing, but I think if he is paired with an actual lock he will go better. In saying that if Romero rejoins the squad he starts with Barrett. Man we have been spoilt with Sam and BBBR.

    Interesting times...

  • @No-Quarter said in Injuries:

    Midfield and lock is a real problem for this tour.

    Hooker, too. The ABs are basically playing with only two hookers. Coltman is only there as insurance; hopefully for him he gets game time against Italy, but he's just filling the spot until Harris is fit again and/or a new hooker is ready to take over the 3rd spot (maybe Riccitelli).

  • I think if the situation is dire enough for Richard Buckman to be getting mentioned, Bateman is a real chance. Fuck all difference between picking him and picking SBW on yours in 2010 and 2014.

  • Someone unlikely to panic under pressure.

    That rules out Tamnivalu for me. The combination of him and Fekitoa against Henshaw and Payne gives me nightmares.

    ALB has to start, I suppose they'll go with Fekitoa, but I'd be even inclined to go directly to Ioane or draft in Buckman.

    Would be lovely to have Ngatai available.

  • I don't think we will see Ioane playing centre. Well I hope not....

    I'd play Bender at centre before him and have Dagg at fullback and Ioane on the wing.

    With ALB and Fekitoa fit, I'd just play them for the remaining three tests.

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