Ireland II

  • Well ... watching BeIN Sport's round up of the Test matches from overnight it seems green is the new black.

    Having just thrashed Canada all they have to do is turn up next week ...

    Ok that's a little overstated but it will be a fascinating clash.

    So what do the good guys do to fix up the fuck up from Soldier Field?

    My conjecture as to selections as follows.

    Don't expect too many surprises. Mainly the bench mix.

    Not 100% sure on injuries so let me know if I'm wrong.

    The top four on rotation. LH starting option open due to Moody's propensity to give away penalties. Mind you it might be good to have the option to drag the guy should a YC loom.

    Franks to start as Charlie is a better impact benchie.

    Coles starting. Taylor bench. Duh.

    BBBR and Barrett.
    JK, Cane, Read.

    The interest for me is around the mix on the bench to cover locks and loosie.

    Given the JK experiment did not go 100% to plan I'd be tempted to have a lock option. Either Paddy T - who would have benefitted from a couple of games in a row - or Luatua over Squire. You guys who watched v Italy will have to tell us Aus based Ferners if eithef of those is an option.

    I expect Ardie as back up 7.

    I'd pick Smith on reputation. How did he look last night? Regardless AS and TJP in the XXXIII.



    Remaining bench:
    Ioane Jr would be my choice.

    Bring it on ...

  • I think Whitelock is on track for this game too.

    I'd start Perenara. I'd also start Naholo over Savea but I can't see them doing that.

  • @KiwiMurph said in Ireland II:

    I think Whitelock is on track for this game too.

    I'd start Perenara. I'd also start Naholo over Savea but I can't see them doing that.

    Re Whitelock - assumed he was stil crocked. Throws another curve ball into the selection mix.

    1. Crockett
    2. Coles
    3. Faumuina
    4. Retallick
    5. Kaino
    6. Cane
    7. Read, on reputation only
    8. TJP
    9. Barrett
    10. ALB
    11. Fekitoa
    12. Dagg
    13. Smith

  • I would still pick Smith at 9

  • @Tim said in Ireland II:

    1. Crockett
    2. Coles
    3. Faumuina
    4. Retallick
    5. Kaino
    6. Cane
    7. Read, on reputation only
    8. TJP
    9. Barrett
    10. ALB
    11. Fekitoa
    12. Dagg
    13. Smith

    i started close to that then flipped on starting props. And tried to workout the bench mix. And tossed a coin on 11.

  • MY team would be (assuming all are fit)

    Crocket, Coles, Franks
    BBBR, Whitelock
    Kaino, Read, Cane
    Smith, BB
    ALB, Fekitoa
    Naholo, Smith, Dagg

    Taylor, Moody, Faumuina, PT, Squire, TJP,Cruden, ??

    Not sure who to play here, Ioane?

  • I'd probably go with:

    1. Crockett
    2. Coles
    3. Franks
    4. Retallick
    5. Whitelock/Barrett
    6. Kaino
    7. Cane
    8. Read (similar to Tim, with a big kick up the backside after his Irish performance)
    9. TJP
    10. Sopoanga (can't keep ignoring the goalkicking with how tight this game could be, BB has an offseason ahead to find a good technical advisor. Cruden an offseason to find a technical advisor to remove Annoying Chipkick Disease)
    11. Naholo
    12. ALB
    13. Fekitoa
    14. Dagg
    15. B Smith

    16 Taylor, 17. Moody 18. Faumuina 19 Barrett/Whitelock 20 Savea 21 A Smith 22 Barrett 23 Cruden/Savea

    With some reservations over the last back reserve on the bench, and with an acknowledgement to Todd that he could feel hard done to, and BB would back to his super sub role this week before starting against France next week. Moody lucky not to be left right out, purely on my selectorial grounds of bitterness and spite 🙂

    I reckon TJP deserves the starting spot on 2016 form, Smith has had a mixed year for the AB's even prior to whatever "gate" we're calling the recent incident.

  • There is a part of me that thinks maybe Cruden to start , going with a bit more structure early when the game is possibly in more of an arm wrestle stage .

    But i cant make my mind up with that , because I counter that thought with wanting Barrett on the field for as many minutes as possible. So I think they will run with Barrett to start at 10 , and moving to FB later barring injuries.

    Halfbacks , Smith at his best yes for me , but the coaches will know more than us though who is in the best mental and physical space and will run with that I would imagine.

    Maybe Savea and Naholo will get a start each with the two remaining games , toss a coin for this one .

  • @Donsteppa I think the bulk of the starting 15 picks itself, but with a few tweaks based on form and I guess whats going on in the camp, positions potentially open:

    Loosehead - Moody or Crockett
    Halfback - TJP or Smith
    10 BB or Cruden or Sopoaga
    left wing - Naholo or Savea

  • Not much to add on starting 15. For me I'd go with Cruden, Crockett and Dagg. Cruden's game management is superior to Barrett's, who was best at this when he had Crotty outside him. Crockett bolsters ruck, maul and carrying, whilst not weakening scrum much. My read is that Savea (J) is a lock in. Dagg is in good form, safe under high ball and offers dual first receiver option.
    As perhaps noted above, the biggest query is BBBR's starting partner. He was a little off the pace and will be better for the run. If selectors follow same logic Sam W will be on bench. Either way not clear which way selectors will swing. Pat T was much better this week whilst Barrett (S) was tidy. I think ruck ball is the key to smashing Ireland, and on balance (and subject to watching replay) I'd be inclined to go with the latter.

    Have a hunch JK may not be 100%. If so, I could see Squire starting, with Savea (A) on bench. If not, am slightly bemused Cane had full 80, so slight chance Todd starts with Savea/Squire contesting bench. Something doesn't quite add up!!

    Other talking point is third back reserve. I have to assume Seta T is back up and will be lucky to see minutes this tour, in particular if Crotty fit for France. So easy choice is Naholo. Covers both wings and midfield in an emergency. With Dagg, BFA and Barrett in the 23 full back well and truly covered.

    P.S. expect to see more of short inside balls against Ireland.

  • Selection time got real interesting for this one...

    Massive fan of Beaudy - but for me whoever starts comes down to whichever halfback the selectors feel is the best fit for this game. I feel the consensus is TJP should have started the Chicago game, and Smith sometimes gets monstered.
    Hansen will really earn his money this week, making assumptions on what Ireland will do and where they will attack us. Schmidt will know what worked well last test, and where they targetted us, but it would be folly to assume they can beat us in exactly the same areas, however they absolutely have to get to the same standard they achieved last test.

    For me TJP starts, which means Beauden starts. TJP doesn't have any combo with Cruden, whereas the Smith/Cruden number goes back to Manawatu and plenty of tests, thus those are our bench guys.

    Dagg definitely comes back in. Its a coin-toss between Savea & Naholo - but maybe Savea gets the nod. Ben Smith at the back.

    ALB & Fekitoa start, I'd personally love for Rieko to get the bench nod as a winger, I reckon hes got the head on his shoulders for the big time. Ben Smith to cover midfield

    Forward pack is straight forward enough I reckon. Retallick and Scott Barrett - I think PT is great for impact - just not sure about combat in the trenches.

    Kaino, Cane & Read. If Jerome Kaino is injured - could they go a Cane, Savea, Read - 6,7,8 ?

    Franks, Coles, Moody to start, Crockett, Taylor, Faumuina to close it out.

    Franks, Coles, Moody
    Retallick and Scott Barrett
    Kaino, Cane & Read
    TJP & BB
    ALB, Fekitoa
    Savea, Dagg, BFA

    Crockett, Taylor, Faumuina
    Smith, Cruden, Ioane

  • Whos the Ref?

  • This is the most excited I have been for a game since WC final. The atmosphere will be electric. I wonder how much tickets are going for on black market.

    I really think BB goal kicking could haunt us if he starts. With this pressure I just don't trust him and we may need all the points we can get. I read an article somewhere which stated BB was rated the worst kicker out of all the top countries.

  • Although he often overdoes them, Cruden's chip kicks often help create doubt in a rush defense. I thought he did it wellish against Italy. I'd be tempted to start him again, especially with ALB at 12.


    Moody (better be better), Coles, Franks
    Retallick, S. Barrett
    Kaino, Cane & Read
    A. Smith, Cruden
    ALB, Fekitoa
    Savea (somewhat lucky), Dagg, BFA at 15

    Crockett, Taylor, Faumuina, Squire, A.Savea
    TJP, B Barrett, Ioane or Tamanivalu

    Bet I've got at least 5 of those wrong, compared to what will be picked.

  • @gt12 said in Ireland II:

    Although he often overdoes them, Cruden's chip kicks often help create doubt in a rush defense. I thought he did it wellish against Italy. I'd be tempted to start him again, especially with ALB at 12.

    They aren't a guaranteed try scoring opportunity and shouldn't be treated as such, rather a component of the "chess match" designed to reap benefits later on

  • Should reward Crockett with a start after last night. Depends what the scrum gurus reckon I guess but a good message to both Crockett and Moody if Crockett gets the nod

    Do you give Beaudy a chance at redemption or are selection strategies not so forgiving? Perhaps solace in the impact role for Beaudy off the bench

    Play Barrett if Whitlock ain't fit. Bad luck Romero

    Izzy and Naholo on a wing, if Julien asks just mention running right behind a goaline instead of left into open pastures

    TJP to start - no shit sherlock

    Who's left in midfield? ALB and feki will be ok

    Basically all the intrigue will be at ten and the two forward subs not in the front row



  • Stands to reason that the dirty dirties from this week will be playing next week.

    Whitelock was out running around for a good 40 minutes before the game, looked ok to me.

    Is Crotty injured still? He was running around playing touch at the end I'm sure.

  • @westcoastie Jaco Peyper (SARU)

  • @gt12 Whitelock over Squire - but this or swap 9 & 10's

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