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  • Thoughts TWD fans?

    For mine this is the worst series thus far, up there with many of the prison episodes. However they just dragged. What's annoying the fuck out of me now is the increasingly divergent storylines in this series. I think we've had six episodes so far of which we've had two focusing on Rick's group, one on Daryl, one on The Kingdom, one on The Hilltop and the most recent one - completely out of the blue - on a secondary character and a random new LGBT community. Now we only have two episodes until the mid season break and nothing as yet to tie everything all together. I assume at some stage we'll see at least a couple of the communities of Alex, Hilltop, Oceanside and the Kingdom band together to take on the Saviours. But if that is a plot, it's barely in its infancy.

    I'm hanging out for some action and a cohesive plot. I need episodes that connect these divergent arcs. I heard the other day that ratings have plummeted and I wonder if the series has now 'jumped the shark'. Or can the producers rescue it by returning it to something the fans actually fucking like?


    I secretly want it to crash and burn though as mrs Hooroo watches it and I think it is dross

  • imo after the first episode it was always going to be hard to advances things - I quite liked how they went from a hectic, intense first episode into a mellow second one. But I've lost interest also over the last 2 episodes and I fully agree that it seemed random that we started following a new person/group.

    Maybe the gang need some SJW's to get fired up to overthrow Neegan?

  • after the brutal opening ep, has all been on a downhill slide.

    I actually think you are right, they are simply working toward building up numbers so they can take on Negan and agree, they are gonna have to work to bring it back.

    They seem to be spreading themselves too thin now, as someone in the TV thread said, almost getting like GOT with main characters all over the place now.

    I am not sure what it is like in regard to the comics, but it seemed last season they were kinda coming back to align themselves a bit more with them, but not sure if this season has continued this.

    I think part of the success of TWD has been the fact the storyline is fairly simple, but it feels like they are complicating things now...I keep waiting for a character crossover with FTWD, aqlthough I suspect with that being set in Mexico, they have done that deliberately so they don't need to do it?

  • It's building to a huge showdown between the other communities and Negan, they are just giving us background on the various allies involved I reckon. My guess is Rick will snap out of it and lead them, needs more Jesus though and Daryl back to being a badass.

    I'm not sure those chicks were fur traders, their reasoning behind being ruthless was pretty sound.

  • There are so many individual stories now though that it's hard to keep up with what the main characters are doing, and it'll no doubt take up until right at the end of S7 to forge alliances between the various subjugated communities meaning we won't see a result to a showdown until S8 now. That's way too slow and probably too obvious as well which adds to the sense of the show dragging it's heels.

  • I was reading something today that explained how the ratings are the lowest since Series 3 and have been dropping steadily all season. The problem is that the whole series has been filmed already so if they have misjudged and fucked it up then its already done.

  • @Crucial would the whole series have been filmed already? That would surprise me given they have a 2 month mid season break

  • @shark yeah is odd, although most other series that straddle Christmas have a break too...

    That said, how hard is it to stumble about being a zombie, sheesh you really need a break?!

  • One thing that I'm wondering about is thr priest convinced Negan Maggie is dead, given what he does to people who lie to him that won't end well.

  • @jegga I guess unless Negan sees her at The Hilltop they wont find out...they way Negan likes to make an entrance, they wont be caught unawares.

    Story arc best start on an upward trend next week, and no new characters.

  • I'm not minding it too much, although the last episode was crap.

    If people are switching off, it's probably because Glen got his head caved in and then the next episode was about a dude with a tiger.

    I see what they're trying to do but it's a pretty ponderous and shit way of going about it. It should get much better when the focus is on the inevitable Rick-Negan conflict.

    They need more Jesus too. Can't believe I'm saying that because when he first appeared I wanted them to run him over.

  • I wasn't at all worried about losing Glenn as I'd always found him an annoying character. The eye popping scene was truly gruesome though and will live long in the memory. I predicted Abraham would be the victim because why wouldn't Negan pick the largest and strongest male to bash to death, but his is a character I do miss despite having been prepared for it.

    I just watched a few minutes of The Talking Dead and they said that until this week, Tara hadn't been seen for nine episodes. That's well back into the previous series and illustrates how farcical it was to suddenly have an entire episode devoted to such a bit player.

    Jesus is an ok character but I need to see him doing something bad ass in conflict to become a true fan. What I do like the thought of is Rick allying with the Kingdom's padded cavalry and especially the dude who got beaten up in episode two because he'll be out for revenge against Negans' goons.

    All these various satellite groups who currently serve Negan kind of reminds me of the Elves, Men, Dwarfs and Hobbits teaming up to battle Sauron. Different circumstances but similar concept.

  • @shark although you have the same argument for him caving in Daryl and Ricks heads too...I know Negan gets the satisfaction from breaking people, but taking out Rick and Abraham would have made more sense and then break Daryl who has always been a bit more of a loner in the group.

    Glen was always gonna buy it, they almost killed him twice last season, plus the comics had him dead by Lucille already...

    Jesus needs a cool back story

  • @taniwharugby Daryl may not have been on Negans' radar until he had a crack at him. Well, so far as we know. Rick he clearly always wanted to subjugate. Maybe smashing Abraham's head to a pulp was purely fluke based on his eeny meeny miney mo game. But if I was in his shoes I'd want to demonstrate what Lucille could do to the biggest dude.

  • @shark possibly, although Negan #2 certainly knows who Daryl is...

    I do like the way Negan is played, but the saviour storyline is wearing thin because of the boring side stories it is creating at the moment.

  • Yep, long story short, we just need to see some Saviour ass get kicked. Even just a small battle.

  • Longer episode tonight but still fairly slow despite going back and forth between different storylines involving Negan, Rick, Michonne and Rosita. Thankfully though after last week's dross, they've gone back to developing multiple storylines in one episode and based on next week's trailer this will be the case again. Plus finally we get taken back to The Kingdom. Be interesting to see what Jesus gets up to.

  • I'm fairly certain this thread must mirror something you would find on a South African rugby forum. A bunch of die hard fans desperately clinging to hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • As long as there's zombies and gore I'm happy . Some non undead nudity occasionally would break things up a bit though.

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