Tiger not gooone?

  • Tiger Woods lies in 10th at his invitational in Nassau after over a year since his last round of competitive golf (if I'm not mistaken he limped off from that one). His three rounds of 70, 65 and 73 were not awesome but he managed to complete them injury free. As long as he has a reasonable round and stays fit and healthy this will be a major step in any kind of comeback. I noticed on the highlights that he has significantly dialled back his swing and this will reduce the strain on his back. What does the TSF panel think could be his potential ceiling? Will he win a tour event again? Will he be in contention or dare I say win a major again?

  • He looked better than he has in many years, in patches...

    But OMG the media storm about his play is ridiculous.

    His game seems good enough, but it'll be if his head is right if he is able to add to his Major tally.

  • Only 17 majors won by guys his age or older since 1946.

    None with his history of injury. Plus his mental strength is I think gone. He no longer has the mystique and there are lot of very good much fitter much younger guys out there, so while I think he can win a tournament I'll be very surprised if he wins a major

  • Fuck, headlines much? Hit some good shots, but some poor ones as well. I hope he plays well again, he deserves it.

    His problem will be of his own making. He was so dominant, they made courses longer to slow him down. Now he doesn't have the power to go with the young blokes, he'll need to be better at the other stuff.

  • Yes he had that massive swing and length of shot, but people forget how good he was around and on the green. If he can get that back he will be in the mix even with his new cut down swing

  • @canefan his highlight reel of ridiculous shots all include some ridiculous chip ins and monster putts.

  • @mariner4life and pulling off 'miracle' shots.

    I've always been a fan, and would love to see him back to his best, but the thing is, even if he gets back to his best, will that be good enough against the likes of DJ, Scott, McIlroy, Day, Speith et al when they are at their best?

    Some seriously good golfers about at the moment.

  • I voted wins a major, as I'm ever the optimist and it'd be fucking cool if he did grab one more, but most likely outcome is ends in injury. His body has been through hell.

  • Same-ige!

    I think that he will have the mental capacity to do so. He will start eliminating some of the mistakes and with that his scoring will be right up there.

  • I think he is mentally done and this makes it easier to quit due to injury. He is chasing answers hence the turn over in swing coaches. There is a lot of thinking but not much to back it up. Remember Tiger from day one never had anyone his equal mentally and golf, more than most sports, is mental. His winning consistently feed his mental fortitude and now that he is not winning where does he draw his confidence. The new breed hit it as far and accurate and mentally are tougher. Tiger does not have the putting game he used to and can't drive the ball consistently. Not rooting for his demise but I would be very surprised to see him win again.

  • Seems a longshot Tiger wins another tournament at the moment, I guess he will keep fighting though.


    Since 2010, he has pulled out of seven tournaments, four of them because of back issues. In his first 322 starts as a professional, Woods had four withdrawals. Over the past 19? Five. His consistent pursuit of success when speaking in public is not at all consistent with a player in such visible decline.

    The explanation that the 41-year-old had suffered back spasms from Thursday evening should probably be taken at face value. Nonetheless, a glance at Woods during his first round of 77 hinted at wider troubles. He cut a forlorn, dejected figure. His movement was not smooth. Technically, the 14-times major winner was woefully inconsistent.

  • He looks done. If your back is done it's over

  • oddly, when I was playing and practicing golf regularly, I found I had less back stiffness and pain, I had a stronger core, more flexible.

  • Tiger is one shot off the lead going into the final round of the PGA tournament this week.


    Would be nice to see him win it.

    He is favourite to win on Betfair.

  • Tiger finished tied for second , one shot off the lead.

    Didn't really get going today, -1 for the round.

    Best finish in a very long time so hope it continues.

  • So apparently Tiger is now 'favourite' for the Master.

    I expect his 'favourite' tag is such as he is back playing and not chopping it, they expect an influx of $$$ on him more so than expect him to actually win...surely?

  • @taniwharugby said in Tiger not gooone?:

    So apparently Tiger is now 'favourite' for the Master.

    I expect his 'favourite' tag is such as he is back playing and not chopping it, they expect an influx of $$$ on him more so than expect him to actually win...surely?

    It is amazing that he is even in the conversation. He has a chance but his gradual improvement and health will be more important

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