Hawke's Bay Sevens

  • The annual NOBM Sevens are today at Tremain Field. I'm hoping to find out who are in the squads, this one from Havelock North looks interesting.

    alt text

    Found the draw:
    alt text

  • FYI: As posted in the Invitational, provincial, local & school sevens tournaments thread, the Ignite 7s are tomorrow (LIVE on Sky Sport 1). Initially, four Hawke's Bay players were invited to attend the event, that involved a few days of testing and a tournament (tomorrow, Sat 24/11): Danny Toala, Lincoln McClutchie, Tyrone Dodd-Edwards and Liam Udy-Johns.

    McClutchie and Udy-Johns no longer appear on the team lists; maybe they're injured or there are other reasons why they're not participating. Trent Hape seems to have taken McClutchie's spot.

    In case you're interested, you can find their test results in their profiles:

  • I haven't seen any squad lists yet, but I read this on the Clubrugby website about our men's team:

    Who can stop Wellington?
    One suspects both Wanganui and Hawke’s Bay will struggle. Wanganui endured a tough visit to the eighth annual Weepu 7s last Saturday. Leaving central Wanganui at 5:30am, the team bus was stalled in Levin following a motor accident. A diversion resulted in a late arrival and already under strength in numbers, injuries forced two coaches to strip off and play. However Samu Kubunavuna and Brett Landers are worth keeping an eye on.
    The Magpies have lost half a dozen players this week, including former New Zealand reps Tamati Samuels and Trinity Spooner-Nera. Hawke’s Bay does boast many familiar names to Wellington audiences though, with Zac Donaldson and Saia Paese sure to add plenty of zest.

    Men's draw for Saturday, 1/12:
    1st round: bye
    11.40am: v Wanganui
    1.20pm: v Wellington

    Women's draw:
    11.20am: v Taranaki
    12.40pm: v Manawatu
    2.40pm: v Wellington

    Most games will be livestreamed on https://www.facebook.com/horowhenuakapiti.centralzone7s/

  • Squad lists for the Central 7s, according to the HBT (the HBRU couldn't be bothered to publish the teams themselves, apparently):

    Hawke's Bay men
    Teihana Brown (c), Kalin Paewai, Damien Scott, Trent Hape, Hayden Hann, Siosaia Paese, Tamati Samuels, Sebastian Visinia, Zachary Donaldson, Tom Iosefo, Tyrone Dodd-Edwards, Danny Toala

    Hawke's Bay women
    Shaylee Tipiwai (c), Lara Kendrick, Liana Mikaele-Tu'u, Niamh Jefferson, Teilah Ferguson, Hanna Brough, Julie Ferguson-Ngawaka, Krysten Cottrell, Hope Hakopa, Cortez Te Pou, Anna Powdrell, Felicity Powdrell

    Very, very young women's team, with several school girls in it. They're only playing for the experience anyway, because all teams will go through to the Nationals.

    The men's team seems to be missing Mason Emerson, Trinity Spooner-Neera, Lincoln McClutchie and Devan Flanders. Not sure who else, but it would be nice to know why they are missing. Devan with the Canes, probably, but the others? Injured? Or is Lincoln with the Canes, too?



  • @stargazer said in HB Sevens:
    Or is Lincoln with the Canes, too?



    Unlikely, he is a Hawkes Bay player afterall!

  • @higgins Just saw a photo on Flanders' instagram He wasn't with the Canes either, yesterday; he was watching his little brother play at the Condor Sevens.

  • First results:

    Hawke's Bay women 15 - 5 Taranaki women
    Hawke's Bay men 36 - 0 Wanganui (tries to Siosaia Paese, Trent Hape, Tamati Samuels, Damian Scott, Hayden Hann, Tyrone Dodd-Edwards).

  • @higgins said in HB Sevens:

    @stargazer said in HB Sevens:
    Or is Lincoln with the Canes, too?



    Unlikely, he is a Hawkes Bay player afterall!

    I'm assuming he is still injured after the Red Bull Ignite tournament

  • Second round results:

    Hawke's Bay women 12 - 24 Manawatu women
    Hawke's Bay men 5 - 14 Wellington men

    Both, predictable losses.

  • Squads for the National Sevens this weekend.

    Field 1 games will be live on Sky Sport 3.


  • Tyrone Dodd-Edwards will play for the All Blacks Sevens Development team in Japan, tomorrow. His name is missing from the AB7s Dev team list (published on 14 Feb), so maybe has come in as injury replacement (or the list is wrong; wouldn't be the first time).

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