13. Centre of the Year 2016

  • Please nominate for Centre.

    Rules in main forum.

    All arguments for and against encouraged and in fact required during nomination phase.

    Surname First Name Country Pros Cons
    JOSEPH Jonathan ENG Nominated by Paul Cully in SMH; scores tries; organizes defence
    CROTTY Ryan NZL Makes those he plays with look good; played both 12 & 13 - proficient in both Cantab; played both 12 & 13 - proficient in both
    LIENERT-BROWN Anton NZL Break-out season nominated in the 2nd 5/8 thread; unsure what his best position is

  • Yep

  • Seems about right to me. His try scoring record speaks for itself but also his organisation on the England defence is missed when he's not there.

  • Ok, this feels weird, but I think that Crotty deserves a nomination for at least one midfield position (and clearly Canerbry, Sammy C and Stargazer haven't found their way to this part of the Fern).

    I feel dirty. So dirty.

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