New Deal for NZR

  • That's a 50% increase, that's huge.

  • The NZ Herald article had the this curious detail:

    Minimum payments for women have increased to a higher level than minimum payments for men

  • I'm inclined to make a few assumptions that may justify that difference; not sure whether they're all correct:

    • most female players don't get paid at all, because apart from a small number of Black Ferns Sevens players, female players don't have professional contracts;
    • the female sevens players who have professional contracts, are more likely to be on a minimum payment than most male players (there are no equal opportunities, they can't compete for jobs with men like on the normal labour market);
    • relative to most female players who get paid, male players on a minimum payment are more likely to be starting professionals (on a first or development contract).

    Or the Herald got it wrong.

  • More details on the NZRPA website (the new collective agreement isn't published on their site yet):

  • @Tim said in New Deal for NZR:

    The NZ Herald article had the this curious detail:

    Minimum payments for women have increased to a higher level than minimum payments for men

    NPC vs Black Ferns Sevens. It'd be pretty stupid if that wasn't the case, assuming we're fans of winning Olympic medals anyway.

    Good news, hopefully it'll help keep more Super level players in NZ instead of heading straight overseas if they don't make the ABs.

  • I sometimes wonder where rugby would be if in 1995/1996 England and France unions had centrally contracted their players?

    Super Rugby players on the minimum wage? Kieran Read on a salary of $90,000?

    South Africa with 5 Curry Cup standard players playing in Europe?

  • Who knows what the ramifications of this change will be - but if the money had to be spent somewhere I would have chosen this group.

    Guys like Piatau, Payne, Anscombe, Taylor, Aki, Lee etc would have been useful to keep.

  • As part of the new collective agreement announced today, players will face random out-of-competition testing for recreational substances, having previously been tested only on game day. And the players will not be alone - everyone involved in the national game, from coaches to administrators, will also be subject to testing.

  • This old thread seems to be the best place to post this; didn't want to start a new one.
    Haven't seen an official media release from NZR, yet.

    Leading the agenda was a proposed amendment to the New Zealand Rugby Union Constitution, altering the way in which the board is selected.
    Of the nine members on the board, six were directly elected by affiliate unions. Under the changes voted for on Tuesday, only three spots will be voted for by the affiliate unions, with six to be appointed.
    "It gives an opportunity for the New Zealand Rugby board... to get with the times," Impey said.
    "We're looking to do two things. One, as New Zealand Rugby faces its challenges and opportunities going forward, we need to get more skills on our board, a wider skill set.
    "It also enables us to achieve some of our diversity goals. Whether that be gender, ethnicity, age, whatever, so that the board better represents who is playing the game, who our fans are, the rugby community if you like."
    The Appointments and Remuneration Committee is made up of three provincial union representatives - two from the Mitre 10 Cup unions and one from Heartland rugby - two independent members appointed by the board, and the chairman of New Zealand Rugby, currently Impey.
    From 2018 onwards, at least one member of that team must be a women. If the provincial unions do not elect a woman with their three spots, New Zealand Rugby's board will appoint a woman as part of their two choices.
    While talking about diversity in New Zealand Rugby, Impey mentioned the Pacifica community and said there was a desire to have their first Pacific Island representative on the board.
    Doctor Farah Palmer was the first female to be appointed to the New Zealand Rugby board. 

  • Who were the 8 old farts that voted against the proposal?

  • @bovidae said in New Deal for NZR:

    Who were the 8 old farts that voted against the proposal?

    Probably the 8 who think this is just a bullshit PR exercise... 🙂

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