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  • Have a stab at these without referencing the interanswerer

    I wanted to know the furthest inland point in NZ in terms of K's from the sea and it piqued my interest on a few other things.

    How far inland can you be from the sea in NZ?
    What Town is closest to that point ? Boom Snowy with Cromwell

    Lowests point in NZ (We all know highest)

    Northernmost point
    Southernmost point
    Westernmost point
    Easternmost point

    I will update with answers as I receive them.

  • Don't know how far in KMs but it must be somewhere in central Otago. Alex, Clyde, Cromwell. Somewhere there.

    All of the others (N,E,S,W) will be remote NZ islands.

  • Furthest inland is about 90km and it's near Cromwell, I believe.

  • @Hooroo two main islands only?

  • More than 90 k's Smudge. I will accept upto within 5 k's 🙂 But snowy gets first points for Cromwell

  • @jegga said in NZ Trivia:

    @Hooroo two main islands only?


  • @Hooroo said in NZ Trivia:

    More than 90 k's Smudge. I will accept upto within 5 k's 🙂 But snowy gets first points for Cromwell

    Ah, so you accept three answers then. Good to know.

  • Auckland Islands in the South, and Three Kings in the North?

  • @Smudge I reckon the actual location will be somewhere in the middle of the 3 towns. So how big does the town have to be?

  • In theory the Ross Dependency should be NZ's southern most point but isn't recognised as a territory by other nations.

    The Eastern-most point will be some rock off The Chathams. 😃

  • @Bovidae Yep. Sounds correct for eastern.

    @taniwharugby Yep. Aucklands for south would be right. Kermadecs for north? Further up than 3 Kings I think.

    No idea about west. Nobody wants to go that way anyway - I'll go with Bondi.

  • I think the Campbell Islands are further south than the Auckland Islands. But which island?

  • @Bovidae Hmmm. You're right. Campbells will be further south. I can only think of 2 names (one is Campbell) and the other one is something French (or French sounding). A bird sanctuary? Pest eradication? It's been on some wild life TV show.

  • Chatham Islands the furthest eastern point?

  • Jeez, are any ferners working today?

  • @canefan I try not to. It gets in the way of pub quizzes.

  • @jegga Must be. Not much out there after that in NZ territory. Don't know the name of the particular island / rock though.

  • @Snowy right you are, they are way north of 3 Kings

    Western Most city would be Perth wouldnt it....

  • @taniwharugby said in NZ Trivia:

    @Snowy right you are, they are way north of 3 Kings

    Western Most city would be Perth wouldnt it....

    Perth is South African we just have a small outpost. I actually have no idea what is our most western island.

  • @Snowy well for anyone else who was curious (and hasnt already checked)...turns out we had a correct answer for the wrong question....

  • Nice. Auckland islands are most west. Would never have guessed that.

    That is the problem with Mercator (and other projections) that we all see as the world from a young age. They are so distorted at our latitudes that it is just wrong from a navigation view.

    I am off to buy a globe.

  • South Islanders ...

    Easternmost point — West Head

  • Bit silly (even if technically correct) to include little rock outcrops in these.

    I have my own little list to cross off which are the 'accessible' points on the main islands. Those that the average Joe Blow could go to when travelling around. eg a drive and a well trodden walk.

    North Island

    Northern - Cape Reinga Lighthouse.
    Southern - Cape Palliser
    Western - Cape Egmont Lighthouse
    Eastern - The East Cape Rd
    Highest - Mt Ruapehu (I'd count any of the peaks really. A summer hike can take you to the top of Te HeuHeu which is only 40m shorter than Tahurangi although even the well worn 'tourist' route to the dome shelter above the Crater Lake is only about 100m less that the highest point.
    Lowest - who cares. unless you are into caving it's hardly accesible (and I don't know where it is)

    South Island

    Northern - Puponga
    Southern - Slope Point
    Western - This one is a bit tricky as most of Fiordland is only for the serious foot traveller and the readily accessible parts are fairly inland. The westernmost piece of accessible coast is probably Milford Sound although you could also probably do a Dusky Sound trip that might let you ashore (i don't know)
    Eastern - again complicated by the true points being in the Marlborough Sounds and not easily accessible but you could count the Lighthouse at the southern point of Cifford Bay.
    Highest - well I'd like to do it one day but doesn't really fit the criteria I have set. Any high points that do fit the criteria are just so far below so many other peaks it isn't worth counting (or working out).

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