Lipo 6, exercises/weights, fatloss, etc

  • Being female, fat and nearly fifty with the likelyhood of going to France to see the AB's play Romania in approx 3 months time I am about to embark on a fitness and weight loss campaign. It's embarrassing to admit that it's needed this incentive for me to get my act together,  :rolleyes:but there it is. I'm about 30 kilos overweight.Am also peri-menopausal so the doctor reckons so I'm guessing losing the fat isn't going to be as easy as it used to be. Bugger. 😢

    I have been walking on the treadmill each morning for awhile now for 30 minutes just to keep the blood pumping but am going to up this to 40 minutes as of today. I used to walk the dog for 60 mins around the neighboorhood which as a couple of steep hills. But this didn't work up the same sort of sweat that the treadmill does. I'm not into jogging (big boobs makes this a painful task)

    Have also commenced the Tony Ferguson weight loss shake program (one in am and one replaces the evening meal) with an emphasis on eating fruit and low GI carbs for am and pm snacks as well as lean protein/salads or steamed veges for lunches.

    Am thinking this should be enough to whittle the fat off at 1kg a week(overall goal being to lose between 12-15 kg's in 3 months)

    The two things that I'm pondering at the moment.........I have read about Lipo 6 and am wondering if I should start using this as well, is a metabolism raising agent necessary ? And what are the potential negative effects of this type of supplement given my age and unhealthy weight/fitness levels ?

    What type of exercises/weights should I be doing as well ? Anybody got any suggestions ?

    And I guess there is also a third question..............does anyone want to join me in this process ? As in keep track of mutual progress via this forum,provide moral support etc ?

  • well good luck to start with and you lucky cow - well, not lucky - it's not an accident youy are going to Froggyland for the RWC is it, so you planned cow!!

    Dunno about a metabolisim raising agency - but perhaps once youg et a bit fitter and the weight loss slows a bit, then throw some of those down your gullet...??

    Prop Cyril about 30 kg overwieight too - there'a a target race waiting to happen - in last 3 weeks he's trimmed from 145 to 139kg, not doing anything stupid, just watching what he eats, drinking less booze, and adding aerobic exercise to his weights, which he loves.

  • Thanks for the suggestion re Lipo 6 BartMan. I've been thinking the same as well, maybe take it once I lose the intial 10 k's or when I hit the wall (plateau thingy ) That happended a few years back, I lost 15 k's over about 4 months then stopped for weeks on end, that's what actually did me in, I got lazy and it didn't take long before the kilos piled back on.

    I'd like to take Cyril on. Am hoping he's keen too. Is that his fern name ......... Cyril the Prop ?

  • PropCyruil - he's got a thread below somewhere - my training partner at the gym.

  • Just read Stallones book, and his wife found the biggest difference to her weight was resistance training with weights. Something to look into if you want to do something different, and plenty of guys on here can help you with advice on that.

    Muscle helps you burn fat while resting, basically.

  • Thanks Kirwan. Does Stallone's book talk about the types of exercises his wife was doing ?

    I guess by 'resistance' you don't just mean 'resist eating crap'.......... :2funny: anyways, I'm all for anything that's going to assist developing fitness and promoting weight loss.

    I have a few weights here. I was told by somebody ages ago that it's not so much increasing the actual weight but rather the rep' this right ?

    I'd really appreciate advice on where to start.

  • please, don't fall into that trap of lifting so little weight that after 20 reps you don't feel like you have done anything!!  If it feels like that, you may as well NOT have done anything.  You do have to feel it to get benefit ,  the human body is pretty adaptable, so make it work!!

  • Thanks, will do. Will kick the weights off tomorrow in addition to the daily treadmill....are the weights a daily thing or  every second day ?

  • Try challenging someone at work[even sweeter if yo dont really like them] to lose weight over a peroid of time, what worked for me was cutting out the snacks which were 99% crap food and replacing them with fruit and getting exercise everyday.Well almost everyday .

  • Try to get a variation of exercise going - once you get used to doing something (e.g. walking 30 mins everyday) the body finds its own "shortcuts" and you don't get as much benefit.

  • You might want to look at this,

    [url=""] ... mme-detail[/url]

    I meant to say before that cutting out soft drinks makes a big difference and most fruit juice too because they are basically sugar.

  • [quote name='allblackfan']
    Thanks Kirwan. Does Stallone's book talk about the types of exercises his wife was doing ?

    I guess by 'resistance' you don't just mean 'resist eating crap'.......... :2funny: anyways, I'm all for anything that's going to assist developing fitness and promoting weight loss.

    I have a few weights here. I was told by somebody ages ago that it's not so much increasing the actual weight but rather the rep' this right ?

    I'd really appreciate advice on where to start.


    Yeah, he went into great detail. It's basically an all over body workout with variations to put women. Focused on firming the back of the arms and the arse as well.

    Some of the more expereinced gym bunnies on here can suggest some workouts, but the main thing is to combine some good weights work with cardio - not to do just one or the other.

    Eat small meals often (6 a day), drink loads of water and cut out treats (expect for maybe a treat day once a week).

    Cardio only needs to be 30mins three times a week too.

  • Thanks heaps for the excellent tips, I took a look at that website too and am thinking that tossing in a road walk every couple of days instead of the treadmill will provide variety so the body doesn't get too used to the daily routine. With so many kilo's to lose and the lack of fitness I'm hoping the cardio will be enough of a shock to the system that it won't adjust to the exercise routine until I've lost at least the first 5-8 kilos. I'm a morning person so prefer to get up at 4am and do the walk plus weights before work rather than fit stuff in during the evening. Walking around the streets at 4:30am'ish on a cold Winter's morning isn't as appealing as walking the treadmill in my lounge while watching the tele..............but if it's got to be done, so be it. Not sure if the dog will share my sentiments though  She's a lazy sod, I think most Rotty's are, my previous 2 Rotty's weren't that energetic either.I might take the maltese instead ......the worst he'll get is wheezy and if that happens I can carry him which would add to the workout  😁

    I'm feeling the results after two mornings work out with weights , the back of my arms are sore which is quite a good feeling as its proof of the exercise. The  gym bunnies are going to laugh but I'm starting with two 1.5 kilo weights held together for each movement, it doesn't sound much but in my case it's a good start believe me .

    One of my workmates who is already quite fit for an old bugger has said he wants to get back into his weight training and his daughter works in a gym so he's been able to provide abit of feedback about the walking. He indicated walking for about 10 mins at a high speed then slow the treadmill down a tad to a medium pace then wind her back up again for another 10 mins and so on. he said it burns calories faster than going at one rate for the entire 30 mins.............does this sound right ?

    I'll go looking for Stallones book this weekend, am looking forward to reading what he has to say.

    The food side of things is progressing ok, I have declined mud cake on one occasion which is a big deal and am trying to drink more tea than coffee at work because I don't have sugar in tea. The only processed carbs I'm having are the occasional piece of Soy Lin bread (max 2 slices per day) I used to snack alot on Corn Thins and have been told those types of crackers are empty carbs that are high GI so really bad for creating sugar highs/lows.

    Have never been a big soft drink fan thankgoodness but am struggling to remember to drink lots of water each day.

  • Muscled do not "know" weight, they only understand load.  So exercising with a light weight extremely slowly will work the muscle and it alsoo has the added benefit of placing the joints under less stress.  Try counting to 3 seconds for each controlled ontraction, and on the negative count a similar amount for each rep.  Even 1.5 k will place load on the muscle and work it.  Do a minimum of 4 sets.. and work close to failure in terms of reps.

  • Work & study deadlines meant I had to forfeit this mornings work-out, but I must admit I didn't mind the rest as the muscles down the back of my arms are sore-as.Back into it tomorrow morning though, will have to remember to warn my son's mate whose sleeping over not to freak if he ventures out in the we small hours while I'm huffing and puffing on the treadmill.

    Had to walk up a steep flight of steps yesterday and was quite pleased that I wasn't as out of breath as I have been.

    Am unable to say no to Cadbury's chocolate tho so am trying to make do with a 'taste' rather than half the block...but it's really, really hard to say no.

    Will apply the advice Riptide re the controlled contractions and 4 sets min. I reckon 4 will see me on the brink of failure no worries !

  • I found jogging uphill was an awesome workout, I hated it at first but it didn't take long to get into it and now its the best part of my run.Walking up stairs would be just as good I suspect,if you look at the pushplay site they do recommend you have rest days.

  • I reckon with my weight and general lack of fitness jogging isn't such a great option right now, maybe down the track abit when my fitness levels advanced abit and the joints don't have to put up with such a heavy load. There's also the discomfort I mentioned in an earlier thread re the breasts, guys are so lucky in that department.......well, as far as the wobbly bits and exercise go that is.

    I checked out the push-play site thanks Jegga and saw that the advice there is to have a regular rest day which is fine by me.I felt refreshed this morning having had a break yesterday and chose to do the entire 30 min walk this morning at the high rate rather than taper off every 8-10 mins then increase the speed again. I was able to maintain the pace well, worked up a good sweat but wasn't that buggered at the end which was a really good feeling.Â

    I also concentrated on the controlled contractions with the weights, was able to do 40 rep's each arm 3 kilo weights (normal curl...not sure of the lingo...?) x 4. At 40 I was struggling to complete the movement so I gather thats whats termed close to 'failure'? As for the side lifts I was struggling to reach 20 reps each time. And the exercise where you hold the weight behind your head then lower it down then lift it back up...?....once again I was pushing it to keep that a controlled movement at about the 17 rep mark so had to really dig in to get to the 20.

    Anyone got any alternatives to sit up's ? I can only do about 4 and I feel like puking, it's always been this way even when I was a kid.

    I see prop Cyril is back in about a comp to see who can lose 15 kilo's first ?

  • prop Cyril keen to take on a challenge, I just think he has forgotten how to turn on his computer...  :coolsmiley:

  • Sorry I wasn't suggesting you jog, the father of one of the guys at work lays data cables for a living and most of the buildings he works in are multi story.Instead of taking the lift he's been using the stairs whenever he can and he's managed to lose a fair bit of weight[no idea exactly how much but he needed a bunch of new clothes] he also reckons making his own lunch has helped too, laying off the pies etc.

  • Am feeling abit flat after last nights AB loss to Aus and now have read about the America's Cup result plus have a crappy hormone headache (this menopause stuff is shitty)so am not feeling greatly motivated to tackle the walk and the weights. Plus couldn't resist and jumped on the scales this morning and it looks like I've only lost 1kg in 6 days, I had hoped for at least 2kg the first week of dedicated exercise after so long sedentary.  :tickedoff:

    Just read that and realised I've got to pullmy head in,stop whinging.

    And (through gritted teeth) I'm sure I'll be feeling much better after the workout ......and have been reading NTA's posts about headwinds and his weight training regime and that's inspired me to get off my arse and get on with it.  Thanks NTA.

  • 1 kg is good weight loss, you are only supposed to lose 1kg a week anyway (health reasons).

    Also worth pointing out that you will losing fat AND gaining muscle - which wieghs more than fat.

    Monitoring your progress with scales can be soul destroying, get the tape measure out instead.

  • Alrighty, thanks Kirwan.

  • Used a heavier weight on Monday's workout on the standard forearm curl thingy ???. Not sure how much heavier exactly as the numbers have rubbed off but it feels alot more than 3k so probably not 5kg, could be 10kg. That was ok, got to 20 before started to struggle so only made it to 26 before I couldn't go any further. Did that for 2 reps ( couldn't cope with 4) then reverted back to the 3kg for the other exercises (whimp  ) Went back to the 3kg's for all of yesterdays workout and am having a rest day this morning.

    The walking is going steady, am now doing 35 minutes and have cranked the treadmill up for 30 mins straight the past two days. The couple minutes either side I use as a warm up.

    Have found the Sylvester Stallone book at a bookshop not far away, they have it on hold for me so hope to get over to pick it up today or tomorrow.

  • Missed 2 days of exercise this week and we had 2 lots of takeaways plus cake and a latte at a local cafe so wasn't surprised to see no loss on the scales this morning, but at least have not put that kilo back on. Have noticed though that my pants are feeling looser around my hips which is promising.

    Friday did the treadmill only and then included the weights with the treadmill again in the last 2 days. Plus have added a couple of exercises from Sly's book. I really like the crunches he describes that are done balancing on a medicine ball, they arn't too full on but I can feel that I'm using muscles that are not usually in use. Will have to buy a bigger ball though to get the full benefit.

    Regardless of the focus on the weight loss goal I'm enjoying the feeling of being able to stride out on the treadmill at a cracking pace for longer periods.

  • 2 kilos down.........13 left to lose  :happy:

    Where's that Cyril ? I'm beginning to think he's a figment of BartMans imagination  :nta

    And on a side there a special prize or accolades  or .........perhaps slurs that are awarded to the ferner who posts the most replies to themselves ?

  • Yeah, his excuse for not gyming tonight - he was 'in the bath', I think a gentle dig or ten in his thread in order.  mind you, it was hard to drag yourself out of the house and to the gym with the weather so shitty tongiht!!Â

    As for the most replies to yourself, I think I am the most insane there, or nearly!!

  • I don't think I'd want to trade a lovely hot bath for a freezing night at the gym either (but I would expect others to  )
    Will post the odd remnder to your mate that there is a comp waiting and ready for him..........or anybody else out there wanting to race me to minus 15 k's.

  • I'm still here......managed to put a kilo back on due to succumbing to bad food choices Thursday and Friday at work ........ :idiot2:....and snacking on nuts and dried apricots over the weekend which was a healthy alternative to chips but high fat content.

    But am still slogging away on the treadmill and doing the weights every 2nd day. The kilos are soooooooooo hard to lose and whip right back on so quickly. BUGGER !!!

    Workmate asked me today if I was still on the fitness regime as it must be working 'cos I look like I've lost weight. That was great to hear.  :happy:

    Where's that Cyril ? I woke up last night calling his he Bart Mans evil alter-ego ?

  • Virtually ditto this past week the same as the last post. Holding my own with the weight, no major losses this past couple of weeks but not putting any on. Definitely lost cm's around the hips and belly as clothes are feeling alot looser.The weekends are the killers.

    Have noticed the carb cravings have all but disappeared, I used to be hooked on Corn Thins big time but since starting to snack on the nuts & seeds and easing up on bread as well havent really felt the urge for carbs of late. Keeping an eye on the carbs, sugars and fats overall it seems that reducing the fats is now the biggest challenge..............limiting chocolate and fried food intake ..............a work in progress. 😁

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