11. Left Winger (Karl Marx) 2016 - POLL

  • Surname First Name Country Pros Cons
    WILLIAMS Liam WAL Nominated by Paul Cully in SMH "Unclear if Williams actually played left wing"
    SAVEA Julian NZL led a lot of the stats for wingers (metres gained, tacklers beaten, clean breaks) in TRC; Single handedly took the Wallabies apart in the 2nd 40 at Eden Park giving ABs a 27 point win in what was actually a pretty close match; Fantastic winger, big and physical and fast; Better than everyone else; Can destroy people defensively on occasion Not as good as he could be, so suffers from comparison with earlier versions of Savea; Mentally lazy at times
    ZEBO Simon IRE Broke Munster try scoring record; Key part of WR try of the year; can play fullback; skills improved across the board; Really good v ABs in Chicago

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