The NBL is eye popping

  • fuuuuck. Go an youtube the injury from the NBL last night. Probably the only time i haven't been able to watch a horrific injury over and over.

    Sooooo gross

  • Heard about it. Don't wanna see it.

  • yeah I heard them talking about it on the news this morning, and when he was being escorted off the court they had a towel over him so people couldn't see (although like sneak, I wouldn't wanna see - no pun intended)

    Apparently he is gonna be all good though, which is good news.

  • Was only about 2-3metres from our usual seats (courtside almost under breakers rim 2nd half) and a guy from work who was in the seats said it was pretty dam rough!! Saw the vid this

  • the crowd reaction shots were awesome. Fuck it was so gross, and they obviously saw far too much.

    Those courtside tables look great. My seats are pretty good, but those look like another level (until an errant ball spills your beer all over you)

  • Feel sick just thinking about it. I was grossed out by the fictional eye popping scene in The Walking Dead so real life would be a shocker.

    The thread name also makes me cringe.

  • I'm amazed more of these types of injuries don't occur more regularly in contact sports to be honest. Just proves that whilst Uma Thurman plucking out Daryl Hannah's eye in Kill Bill is 100% Hollywood bullshit freak accidents to happen. Awesome that has made a full recovery.

  • Saw it in real time, couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was a freak thing, how many times playing ball do you cop a finger in the face going for a rebound but never have I seen the old eyeball dangling out of the socket. He said he could still see out of it when it was rolling over his face too. I'm glad he is OK, Mrs CF may never watch a game on the telly with me ever again

  • @canefan said in The NBL is eye popping:

    He said he could still see out of it when it was rolling over his face too.

    Oh chur. Maori fibre optics.

  • Was watching it when it happened and I couldn't even watch the rest of the game. My 11 yo daughter who is a mad Breakers fan was watching with me and couldn't believe it. She could barely sleep that night. I had to keep reassuring her that he was going to be okay.

  • @ACT-Crusader at the Bullets game last night, every time someone hit the court (Tory Craig mainly) my 5 year old asked if his eye had fallen out.

    I can't believe how quickly he recovered afterwards

  • @mariner4life that was a decent game last night. Cairns have all the tools to take Adelaide. They have good depth and the new import will keep getting better.

  • yea, Mitchell is a huge pick up for us. He is still lost at times while he learns the plays, but he doesn't mind taking it on himself, and his passing is phenomenal. Trice can score heavily if allowed, and that's something we haven't had for a while.

    Still, last night a pretty ordinary Bullets side was close for a long time, and Fearne's game management still worries me. And we over-do the whole Jawai thing. We look better when Egwu plays.

    Thursday was a much better win.

    I'm not holding my breath. We've got the Hawks, and Adelaide twice i think.

  • Finals! Cheers Breakers and wildcats.

    Looks like the 3 smallest budgets are going to play finals this year

  • Watched the Breakers game last night. Finn Delany!! A big game from the Chief as well who was epecially aggressive in the 1st Q. That Melbourne team is stacked as Wesley is buried deep on their bench. The Breakers did well without either of their PFs.

    Now we need Melbourne to beat Perth in the last game. Your lot upsetting the 36ers might help too.

  • While that would be ideal, it's a big ask down there

  • @Bovidae as you requested.

    2nd Holy fuck. I might need to stop yelling at Fearnie and telling him he's shit

    Adelaide limping in to finals gives everyone left hope

  • @mariner4life That result made no difference to the Breakers in the end as the Hawks also won.

    The Breakers fate rests on Melbourne beating Perth at home today. Otherwise those fuckers from the West are in the playoffs AGAIN. I hope Goulding has a huge game.

  • @Bovidae i hate that greasy fluffybunny

  • @mariner4life Me too, but if he gets hot Melbourne have a better chance of winning.

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