The Silver Fern - Competitions Time

  • With the imminent arrival (Thursday night) of the juggernaut we call Super Rugby, time to lace up your virtual boots and show your mastery of all things rugby with

    TSF Tipping

    "The original and still the best". Compete against other Ferners individually and play for a team as well. Since 2006, this battle has been fought every season and if you don't already play, why not?

    Use either of these links below (2 provided as one of them is blocked at some workplaces) and then place your tips for Week 1.

    There is a thread running all season in the Competitions Forum as well as a Facebook group (for those who are more likely to get reminders there).


    For those that want to punish themselves even more than in the excellent TSF Tipping Comp.

    Crucial has set up a group on Super Bru called 'TSFSUPER17'. You should be able to register then join that comp without a password.

    You can play various games such as Tipping, Fantasy, and Superstars.

    To keep things simple and have variety we will stick to tipping and Superstars.
    in the Superstars format you only have to pick five players each round (plus backups if you wish). You pick one player in each of these categories "Front Five", "Loose Forwards", "Kicker", "Inside Back" and "Outside Back". There is the usual type of scoring system based on tries/kicks/turnovers/tackles/linebreaks etc. You can find the detail on the help section.

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