The "other" round 2 Super Rugby games

  • Just watched the first half of Force v Reds, and although it's not the best rugby, it's actually reasonably entertaining.
    The score is 12 all at half time. I expected the Reds to win this easily, but the Force has other plans ...

  • Yeah it's not a bad watch, Reds look sunk though. Still hoping for a miracle Kerevi try to win it for my fantasy teams.

  • Force celebrating like they won the comp. They don't seem to be as bad this year.

  • First home win in 2 years or something. I think that was their final.

  • I can understand the Force being very happy with this win; the commentators said it was 663 days ago since they had their last home win. They fully deserved this win, too. The Reds' ill-discipline let them down, and the Force kept on attacking and defending well until the end. Positive mindset.

    Hawke's Bay's Michael Ruru couldn't crack the Magpies the last few seasons; good to see him play well for the Force since he came on in the second half.

  • Well there goes any delusions of the Reds being good this year.

    How bad was hopeless geriatric George Smith? What a joke that they couldn't find a better seven than that pathetic old has been.

  • @Tim Didn't Cheika say the door wasn't totally closed on a wallabies recall for Smith? 😂

  • @canefan 😆

    Indeed. Maybe they'll get Stephen Larkham and Jeremy Paul out there too.

  • Can I assume that the 'Tongan Thor' (stupid name alert) did not save the Reds with a length of the field run swatting away little kids?

  • @Tim said in The "other" round 2 Super Rugby games:

    How bad was hopeless geriatric George Smith? What a joke that they couldn't find a better seven than that pathetic old has been.

    And here we go again: "Smith's still got it!" they cry as he rips it up in English Rugby.

    Then comes back down here....

  • First, let me just say

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    the Reds lost to the Force? oh fuck that's awesome. No doubt it was the ref's fault. Does this mean they are still one of the favourites for the comp? And points to the Australian conference being really tough to win?

    Team full of gutless showboats who, if the Sharks didn't shut down for 20 minutes (and the ref blew forward passes) would be 0-2.

    "There's a real buzz around Brisbane about the Reds" well, not so much now they lost, and the Broncos won.

  • A lot of that Reds side should either be collecting one last paycheck in Europe somewhere or put in a rest home.

    Well done to the Force. They could cause a few problems to some sides if the first 2 rounds is anything to go by.

  • So, for those that have watched the Reds, how is George Smith going?

  • @MajorRage better than Stephen Moore by all accounts

    (i didn't watch last night, but he didn't do too much last week, couple of decent touches, but nothing even remotely George Smith-ish).

  • Sharks have been quite good so far tonight.

  • @hydro11 Reasonably good game, too.

    Incredible try from the Sharks after the hooter!

  • Sharks win it in the last minute. Probably the most creativity they had shown all night in the backs.

  • I must be crazy tuning in to the Sunwolves v Kings game ...

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  • Very good try from the Kings.