Club Rugby 2017

  • Opening round of Nash Cup this Saturday (25th).

    Home team first:

    Hastings RS v Central HB RS

    Napier OB Marist v MAC

    Pirates v Clive

    Tamatea v Havelock North

    Tech OB v Taradale

    In preseason, Tech OB have beaten both Clive and Pirates, Pirates are struggling for numbers, while the defending champions Napier OB Marist won the Spillane Cup.

    Haven't heard of any "name" players joining.

    Sam Giddens - remember him, Magpie 2007-09, scored the winnng try against Waikato in the 2007 quarter-final - will play his 100th premier game for Napier OB Marist.

  • Round One results, including upset of the year already.

    Hastings RS - 28 v Central HB - 15

    Napier OB Marist - 51 v MAC - 10

    Pirates - 19 v Clive - 28

    Tamatea - 15 v Havelock North - 8

    Tech OB - 21 v Taradale - 31

  • @Number-10 Interesting to read in the HBT that Hika Elliott played for Tamatea for about 30 minutes.

    By the way, Tony Lamborn captained the Havelock North team.

  • That's one crazy upset. I wonder how many players HN had out?

    So, I assume Hika is registered to play in HB then, maybe he's coming back this year? Or did they get an exemption to let him play club rugby?

  • That's one crazy upset. I wonder how many players HN had out?

    So, I assume Hika is registered to play in HB then, maybe he's coming back this year? Or did they get an exemption to let him play club rugby?

  • Nash Cup round two - 1 April

    Home team first:

    Central HB v NOB Marist

    Clive v Tech OB

    Havelock North v Hastings RS

    MAC v Pirates

    Taradale v Tamatea

  • Round two results

    Central HB - 12 v Napier OB Marist - 71

    Clive - 10 v Tech OB - 40

    Havelock North - 28 v Hastings RS - 22

    MAC - 15 v Pirates - 17

    Taradale - 34 v Tamatea - 29

    Not quite a win for Tamatea this time, like last week, but they must have given Taradale a fright.

    Watched the Havelock North v Hastings RS match. Both sides scored four tries, the difference being Havelock converted all four of their tries, while Hastings only converted one of theirs. Havelock led 21-0 after 30 minutes, including their first in the second minute which was in play straight from the kickoff.

    Hastings got their fourth try in the 80th minute, with just enough time for a restart. Had to go from their 22 to the goalline for a converted try to win but conceded a penalty on their 10m line.

    Havelock fielded four past/present Magpies - Shannan Chase (15), Michael Vuicakau (11), Isaac Paewai (9) and Tony Lamborn (8). Hastings fielded three current Magpies - Ben Hamelink (7), Jason Long (1) and NZ Under 20 rep Marino Mikaele Tu'u came on for the last 20 minutes. No sign of Mason Emerson.

    Hastings fielded a bigger forward pack which completely dominated the Havelock scrum in the first half. There were a couple of tightheads with eight man shoves just pushing Havelock off the ball, and penalties from three/four others. The Havelock hooker was spectacularly shot up out of one scrum ending up sitting on his locks' backs. Isaac Paewai was putting the ball in so crooked under his locks feet that he probably could not have put the ball in any more crooked if he tried. And he never got penalised once. A couple of the big Hastings boys were subbed off at halftime, including their tighthead prop. They were impressive in the scrums, but didn't seem to offer much around the field. Their replacements still enabled Hastings to get the initial push on Havelock in the second half scrums but Havelock were able to heel with more control.

    Michael Vuicakau scored a good try for Havelock in the second half stepping twice of the left foot to beat a couple of men. Shannan Chase made a couple of good runs and a couple of good kicks.

    Magpies coaches Craig Philpott and Danny Lee were at the match.

  • @Number-10 Thanks for that update! I hope you've given Philpott and Lee some good recruitment advice? 😀

    Maybe Emerson is still training with the AB7s (development) team? The AB7s must be in full preparation for the Hong Kong 7s (next weekend) and Singapore 7s at the moment; the team for these tournaments should be announced very soon.

  • Nash Cup Round 3 - April 8

    Clive v MAC

    Hastings RS v Taradale

    NOB Marist v Havelock North

    Pirates v Central HB RS

    Tamatea v Tech OB

    After two rounds there are only two unbeaten teams - NOB Marist and Taradale.

  • Premiers - Nash Cup
    Results 8 April:

    Napier OB Marist 40, Havelock North 12
    Napier Pirates 24, Central 25
    Hastings RS 32, Taradale 7
    Tamatea 5, Napier Tech 52
    Clive 52, MAC 15

  • With Taradale losing and Central HB winning, that means Napier OB Marist are the only unbeaten team after three rounds, and MAC are the only team without a win.

  • I wonder whether Jonah Lowe was back playing for Clive? Didn't see his name on the team list of his Wellington club.
    Hugh Renton was playing for OBU.

  • Jonah Lowe and Tiaan Falcon both played for Clive.

    Lowe scored four tries and Falcon scored one try and kicked six conversions.

  • @Number-10 Wow, no wonder Clive had such a big win. I think it's going to be really good for the Magpies that these two have (had) this time & experience with the Canes. I assume it won't happen, but I'd really like to see Jonah get his first SR cap when they play in Napier.

  • Today's Nash Cup games - round 4 (I haven't heard of cancellations due to Cyclone Cook):

    Taradale v Napier OB Marist
    Havelock North v Napier Pirates
    Napier Tech OB v Hastings R&S
    Tamatea v Clive
    Central v MAC

    It's a pity the HBRU and most HB clubs don't publish team lists (Havelock N sometimes).
    The Wellington RU does and it appears that both Hugh Renton and Marino Mikaele-Tu'u (the latter re-named to Mikayle Marino-Tuu) are playing for OB University.

  • Results Nash Cup (round 4):

    Taradale 9 - 78 Napier OB Marist
    Havelock North 23 - 15 Napier Pirates
    Napier Tech OB 40 - 10 Hastings R&S
    Tamatea 25 - 44 Clive
    Central 50 - 10 MAC

  • That is one hell of a result for Napier OB Marist.

    I was informed that Gareth Evans appeared for Havelock North.

  • @Number-10 said in Club Rugby 2017:

    That is one hell of a result for Napier OB Marist.

    I was informed that Gareth Evans appeared for Havelock North.

    Evans also scored a try for them!

    And Jonah Lowe scored a hat-trick for Clive. 7 tries in two games.

  • Watched Hastings RS v Clive, 3rd vs 2nd going into the round.

    Hastings RS won 38-25.

    Clive scored after just ten seconds straight from the kickoff, their flanker caught the tap down and just ran on to score between the posts.

    Mason Emerson scored two tries for Hastings RS in the second half. The first was an outstanding solo try when the Hastings fullback caught a kick outside his 22, passed the ball to Emerson who ran across field and ended up going down the right sideline and around the Clive fullback untouched to score in the corner.

    Jonah Lowe did not play for Clive - he apparently was in Wellington with the Hurricanes who are in camp during their bye weekend.

    I was impressed with Clive and Magpies hooker Jorian Tangaere.

  • Bad news for @nepia but I understand NOBM put 70 on Tamatea...

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