Cheetahs v Chiefs

  • And we have a game! Lowe on the end of another workmanlike team effort - try - Cruden adds the extras and for the first time in the match Chief have the lead by 2.

  • Silly game all around.

    Chiefs asleep and cheetahs make them pay
    Ref not bad but assistants straight out of 1980s SA tours
    Intensity level of about 2/5
    Waste of every bodies time honestly ... 24/0 to 27/36 with 4:25 to play

  • Yeah that sums up this game ...

    24/0 up to concede bonus point.

    Joke of a tournament

  • That's more like it - bonus point win from the Chiefs, but shit we are gonna miss TKB next season

  • The 14 minutes I spent watching the AB7s beat the USA was more entertaining than this whole game. A waste of time indeed, but I blame the Chiefs more than the Cheetahs. Cheetahs just aren't any better; Chiefs looked lazy and disinterested, especially during the first half. At least they go home with 5 points.

  • There's something about Cheetahs-Chiefs games in SA and this went to script. I'm not sure I would have been impressed after 20 mins if I watched this match live. But anyway, 5 pts and on to Perth.

    ALB's knee injury is a concern as midfield options are already depleted.

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