NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017

  • Wow what a first week of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

    Today there were 4 games - all 4 went to Overtime.

    There are some serious upsets going on so far -

    • The Leafs are leading their series against the Capitals

    • The Predators are one game away from winning their series vs the Blackhawks

    • St Louis Blues are one game away from winning their series vs the Wild

    It feels like a bit of a turning of the page on the cards - the Leafs and Oilers are showing their stuff whilst the likes of the Blackhawks and the Capitals are potentially on the slide...

    In addition 4 Canadian teams are currently leading their series. Last year there were 0 Canadian teams in the playoffs at all.

  • I listen to the Steve Dangle podcast each week and they're going nuts about the Leafs (who I don't really like but the podcast is great).
    My team the Jets aren't in it so picking Montreal to win it. They have the best goalie, a pretty good defensive unit, but their forwards are too old school so that will probably bite them in the end.
    Surprised how easily the Blackhawks are getting swept. Same goes with Calgary, as I didn't think Anaheim were that good.

  • Was a game and a half that Leafs Capitals, had trouble sleeping and it didnt help much haha. Really dipped the momentum when in a short span the Capitals bombed a 5-3 and a 5-4 power play with scoring chances to burn, both Shattenkirk and Ovechkin should have scored on that two man advantage.

    I don't think the Blackhawks are on a slide per se, 3 cups in the last 6 years, the last one in 2015, but obviously they have some highly paid stars that load their salary cap heavily and affects the team overall - compare that to Toronto who are flying with their young guns and "no names".

    It would be a shame if the Capitals again go out on the early rounds, but that is the cruel world of NHL, no one deserves anything.

  • This is it for the Capitals - they have to win this year before the salary cap blows up their team. Montreal probably have another two seasons before their window closes.
    I think Blackhawks can retool whereas LA Kings and Boston Bruins are now entering rebuild mode.
    Next decade will belong to Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg (if they sort out the goalie situation). All young, all Canadian teams and all under the cap.

  • @KiwiMurph

    Your new ringtone.

  • @Salacious-Crumb Haha I do enjoy seeing the Leafs having a renaissance, I see a lot of similarities to Auckland/Blues rugby (colours, big city, most disliked team, historically successful, area produces great talent, have been largely poor for the last decade+ )

  • Flames gooonnneee. Swept by Anaheim.

  • In the Eastern Conference Finals its the defending champions Pittsburgh Penguins taking on the Ottawa Senators, and in the West its Nashville Predators against the Ducks of Anaheim.

  • The Capitals really seem to be a regular season team and choke in the playoffs. They must hate playing the Penguins.

    Ovechkin is destined to never win a Stanley Cup.

  • Havent seen too many games due to the time difference, but Nashville seem to be really in with a shot, as they have been producing some offence this season on top of their diamond-hard defence and goaltending.
    Would not be a shame if Pekka Rinne got a crown on his career.

    Really I just hope it isn't Penguins as I despise Crosby. Hell of a player but also acts like a 12-year old whose toys have been taken away.

  • It's Penguins V Predators for the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals.

    Penguins pip the Ottawa Senators 3-2 in double overtime in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final. Was really hoping the Sens would win but they're 0-6 in game 7s.

  • Go Nashville!!!

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