• Taine Randell and Simon Tremain have resigned from the Hawke's Bay Rugby Union's board of directors citing a difference in the future direction of the organisation to the current leadership.

    All is going really, really well in Hawke's Bay rugby. 😲


  • Im just as concerned on the couple of comments on the article from locals ' they are businessman who are used to getting their own way' I that is just the nutters who can be bothered logging into.
    They need younger business minded people in their and why wouldn't you plan for the future as well. I see it as people threatened their roles and prestiage is going to be taken away from them.
    Soplayers leaving not many coming and now the

  • Damn Pie in Oz - are you drunk typing?

  • @Magpie_in_aus Yeah, I read those comments, too. I wondered whether someone at the HBRU or persons otherwise related to the HBRU posted them.

  • I'd trust Randell over anyone else involved - not sure about Tremain, his brother was a National MP.

    Add to this the assistant coach choosing to bugger off mid contract too.

  • Financial directors Kevin Atkinson and Dan Druzianic will announce whether they'll stay on the HBRU board of directors next week.


  • @Nepia na just fat fingers typing in bed on a phone with a cracked screen. I trust Randell too as a fellow Jaffa.

  • @Magpie_in_aus said in HBRU:

    @Nepia na just fat fingers typing in bed on a phone with a cracked screen. I trust Randell too as a fellow Jaffa.

    Luckily his Jaffa-ness is balanced out for me by the fact he's Flaxmere. 😉

  • Flexmare isnt he from out the back in Ruakawa past Paki Paki towards waipawa? Yeah I balanced my Jaffa-ness with Maraenui roots (although Tech die hard)

  • @Magpie_in_aus said in HBRU:

    Flexmare isnt he from out the back in Ruakawa past Paki Paki towards waipawa? Yeah I balanced my Jaffa-ness with Maraenui roots (although Tech die hard)

    He's Flaxmere all the way, we went to primary school together. Is on a couple of trusts out there these days too.

    Maraenui aye, and you're a Jaffa?

  • Atkinson and Druzianic also step down from the board.

  • Will the last person leaving the building, please, switch off the lights?

  • @Nepia Yeah there were 5 of us on our school bus.....we had to sit at the back segregation and all that. There were a few of us over the years though but most of the class mates have never even driven through.

    Hopefully the other 4 board members are feeling like dickheads now! Shame it had to come to this.

  • Commenting on Atkinson's suggestion for a review involving representatives of the national body and Sport New Zealand, Mahony said now that Atkinson had resigned he was not in a position to make recommendations to the board.

    Geez, is this guy for real?

    And this:

    We've had some directors who have tossed their toys but new directors will be elected." Mahony added.

  • Yes, not very impressive from the Chairman.

  • Yes, very head in the sand attitude

  • The Chairman responds ....

    One comment from Simon Tremain that leaps out is his concern about the relationship between the Chairman and the CEO.

    There is no embellishment of his opinion on this, so you would have to suspect he thinks it is either (1) too buddy-buddy or (2) strained.

  • What is worrying from that article is that it appears the two members who oversaw the financial side of the union (the surpluses) are the ones that are now gone.

  • Six clubs have successfully requested a special general meeting of the HBRU.

    The meeting on 1 June will see the clubs nominate applicants for two directors positions on the Board to be elected by the clubs, and nominate applicants for two co-opted directors to the Board to be elected by the Board.

    Should be interesting.

  • Hawke's Bay Rugby Football Union chairman Brendan Mahony is rapt with the enthusiasm being generated as a possible constitutional review of his organisation looms.
    "It's good to hear about the meeting. Hopefully some good candidates for the vacancies on our board of directors will come out of it. If the club delegates want a constitutional review I'm happy for one. Obviously it's not something which can be done over night but it can be done," Mahony said.

    Weird. I thought Randell and co resigned because, among other things, Mahony didn't want such a review? Didn't he call it a "coup" attempt? And now he's happy for one? That last sentence of the quote: stalling tactic? Or is that just my lack of faith in the chairman ...?

    Anyway, first meeting tonight.

  • The list of nominations by clubs for the two Directors' positions to be elected by the clubs at the Special General Meeting on 1 June has been released.

    The total number of nominations is ..... 13 ..... from nine clubs.

  • Info about the nominees are in this article:

  • Yes, read that in this morning's HB Today.

    Shane Hurndell has a mini bio of all the candidates ... except for Bruce Dockary ... ran out of room, perhaps?

  • Fingers crossed for Hutana - the only one in a singlet in the bio pictures 🙂

  • The two Directors elected to the Board by the clubs at the Special General Meeting this evening were Mark Sowman (nominated by Hastings RS) and Mark Hamilton (nominated by Tech OB).

    There were eight candidates for the first Director.

    Mark Sowman was the first elected, which took three ballots. He polled the highest on all three, getting the required majority vote (51+%) on the third ballot.

    That made seven candidates for the second Director.

    Mark Hamilton was the second elected, which took two ballots. He polled highest on both ballots, getting the majority (51+%) on the second ballot.

    The only woman candidate - Mavis Mullins - was very well supported. She polled second on all five ballots.

    She will now be one of eight candidates for the two appointed Directors to the Board, who will be interviewed by the Board for selection by the Board to the Board. Would be a surprise if she does not get appointed after the, basically, third highest backing by the clubs tonight. She is on the Board of Two Degrees, replacing Bill Osborne in 2013.

  • Mavis Mullins and Mike Smith have been announced as independent directors on the HBRU board.

  • Didn't know where else to post this.

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