Black Caps v Ireland v Bangledesh ODIs

  • Wow.....who is pumped for this HUGE tri-series? Starts Friday!!!!

    I didnt even know it was on until I had the black caps (well non IPL playing ones) join me in the emirates lounge on saturday night. Shared the same flight as them to Dubai and had a bit of a yarn to a few them at the in-flight bar in the A380. Taylor said he hadn't played cricket in dublin before and didnt really know what to expect.

    Had a quick look at our squad and its not particularly strong with no Kane, Guptil, Boult, Southee and prob a few others too but its Ireland and Bangladesh......if we cant beat these fellas.......

  • Good yarn JK but I'm not sure how it rates alongside breakfast with a couple of AB reserves?

  • @JK Am going to the first game on
    Sunday against Ireland. Am so pumped I bought my tickets months ago in case it sold out!

  • Looking forward to seeing this and learning more about the game. It's on my doorstep here in Malahide and no doubt the players/fans might frequent the local for one or two. Weather has been superb for the last week or so - hopefully it continues.

  • @Crucial said in Black Caps v Ireland v Bangledesh ODIs:

    Good yarn JK but I'm not sure how it rates alongside breakfast with a couple of AB reserves?

    Depends who the reserves are I guess! Had breakfast with Joseph Parker once.

    Was bit of a crackup actually as they all came in to the lounge in their black caps gear but once on the plane it was shorts and t-shirt for most and bare feet! All good dudes. Made flying solo a tad more interesting.

  • @JK said in Black Caps v Ireland v Bangledesh ODIs:

    @Crucial said in Black Caps v Ireland v Bangledesh ODIs:

    Good yarn JK but I'm not sure how it rates alongside breakfast with a couple of AB reserves?

    Depends who the reserves are I guess! Had breakfast with Joseph Parker once.

    Ask @jegga I'm sure he'll tell you the story (again and again) 😉

  • First game about to start and we've Latham has lost the Toss and we will bat with him and Ronchi opening

    Ireland playing their 4th ODI in 9 days so rotated their squad a bit. It's only NZ after all

  • Ronchi away to a bright start.

    More than can be said for Owais Shah (I think) in the commentary box, who appears convinced that Rockin' Rod Latham has made a comeback to captain New Zealand. He's not added much value to the commentary so far! 🙂

  • Ronchi goes for 37 off 26. Showing he's still got some hand-eye coordination.

    I guess the problem with this sort of series it that it's never going to tell you much about the potential to handle Mitchell Starc steaming in.

    I guess it can rule you out!

  • Ronchi's problem is that he just goes too hard at the ball and can't temper it. Ireland are bowling quite well at the moment. This series should be a good test for us.

  • Latham out for 15

  • I think, if you're running a straight audition for a keeper/batsman who's going to open with Guppy, then the first round is a points victory for Ronchi.

    Scored more and faster than Tommy.

    So far Rossco (not surprisingly) is looking pretty effortless and Worker is struggling a little bit.

  • Rossco still cruising along nicely - Worker has struggled to 25 off 58. Occasionally looked like breaking the shackles, but he's been becalmed for a couple of overs.

    Needs to find some answers.

  • So we managed 289 with broom top scorer on 79 and worker and taylor also getting 50s.

    Now we have a rain delay at Ireland at 90/2 after 20 and 9 behind under the DL

  • Ireland now need 84 from 12 overs to win

  • Nz win by 51 runs. Great knock by O'Brien for Ireland with 109

  • Munro is still in form.

    Hopefully Sky will have a highlights package of the game.

  • @Kiwidom what was the atmosphere like at the game?

  • @No-Quarter said in Black Caps v Ireland v Bangledesh ODIs:

    @Kiwidom what was the atmosphere like at the game?

    Very civilised.

  • @No-Quarter Good atmosphere, but not rowdy like a game at home or in England for example. There was a group from the Wairarapa near us who were mates of Seth Rance and had flown over especialy for it. They were on the juice quite early and provided a bit of entertainment, but that was it really. Joe Schmidt and Isaac Boss were also spotted in the crowd.

  • Second game starts in about 45 minutes.

    Cricinfo is suggesting Adam Milne is available to the Black Caps, while earlier articles suggested Guppy and Anderson also might be (but, I doubt it for this one).

    In any case, I'd like to see Latham and Ronchi continue to be pitted against one another as openers.

    Suggestions that this pitch will be more seam friendly, so prospects of one of Milne, Bennett or Wagner coming in for Sodhi - as well as maybe some other rotation.

  • And, in fact, the only change is Bennett in for Kuggeleijn.

    Rain fade has wiped out my TV for the past half hour, so I might not see any of this.

    Full strength Bangles should be a very good test for "almost NZ A".

  • Rance getting a bit of treatment. Looks to be lacking a yard of pace to me.

    Bennett getting the ball through, though - asking more questions. He looks a bit like a right arm Richard Collinge!

  • @Chris-B.
    Seth confirms the fact that there's a mile of distance between good domestic and international cricketer

    Nice call on Bennett - huge run up too

    Ball ain't swinging at all. Coney commentating - always pleasant I reckon

  • @Siam Yeah - we could be in a fair bit of trouble in this game. - though as I type, Neesh gets the breakthrough.

    Yeah - there's something about Coney's commentary - very smooth... mellifluous!

    Unlike Owais Shah - with that grating "see if I can sound thicker than I am" Essex sort of accent.

  • And Santner gets the second one quickly. I can't now see this because rain fade is back.

    Worst ever evening for that! It's pissing down!

  • Quite good having this series on as it gives me something (albeit not very exciting) to follow while working up this way.

    We've been set 258 to win. Ronchi looking to hit out again (which is good) and a 4 and 6 off first two balls he faced

    Rain forecast soon so not sure they will get 20 overs in

  • Ronchi out 27 off 27

  • A narrow points victory to Tom Latham over Ronchi in this game. Tom scored more runs, but Luke got his faster and gave the innings some initial impetus (and Luke is wearing the gloves, while Tom is not - though he is captain).

    Otherwise, Broom and Neesham both doing good jobs with the bat and Bennett, Santner and Sodhi doing good jobs with the ball - Rance and Neesham both very expensive.

  • Latham with a ton, thanks to the Irish bowler overstepping when Latham was caught on 90ish..

    Seems to have won the battle against Ronchi.. hopefully Latham keeps in the odis..

    Anderson is struggling out in the middle.. seems like he's trying too hard

  • Yeah - that's a convincing win for Tom.

    Ronchi has done quite well in the BMac role of coming out and giving the innings impetus, but notably he hasn't managed to go on with any of his innings and we're playing Ireland and the Bangles not England and Australia.

    Anderson looked terribly out of form - I'm not convinced he's a guy who can come out and hit from ball one in any case. He seems to need a few overs to have a look and scratch about. Rossco looked a bit scratchy as well.

    Munro showed Corey how it's done in this innings.

    I guess there's a couple more ODIs to play before the CT but I'd lean towards:

    Guptill, Latham, Williamson, Taylor, Broom, Neesham, Santner, Milne, Southee, McClenaghan, Boult

    Slightly light in batting - I blame Southee who could have developed into a decent and reliable 8, but hasn't.

    I don't think this line-up will be quite good enough to win the Trophy -but, they might be able to burgle it. Will need some luck and most likely Kane and Guppy to play multiple big innings at the right time.

  • Final game of this series.

    Bennett, Neesham and Jeetan come in for Kuggelijn, Milne and Sodhi (I think?).

    NZ will bat, so a chance to see whether Ronchi can put more pressure on Latham and whether Anderson can show some form.

  • And Tom Latham sees out an eventful first over that started with a wide, a wide that wasn't called, a reasonable lbw shout, an easy dropped catch, and a boundary...

  • Tom gets most of the early strike and gets away quickly to 20*.

    Ronchi finally gets strike and is out for 2 - caught off a mistimed shot again.

  • Lathams run of scores on this tour -

    52, 15, 54, 104, 52* (so far today)

    I'd argue in a team with Guppy, Anderson, Taylor & Neesham who all capable of smashing it he looks the right bet at the top. Also he's not 40.

  • @gollum Yeah - I think the key thing for Tom will be not to bat himself into any sort of hole. No matter how good the bowling he needs to play some shots.

    Might be a temptation - with the team I named above - to replace one of the seamers with Anderson and require him and Neesham to bowl 10 overs between them (maybe Kane to bowl a few as well).

    If Corey can find some form, that would strengthen the batting quite a lot - Neesham at 7 and Santner at 8.

  • @Chris-B.

    Yip, totally agree, he just needs that mindset that if we are 70 / 0 & he's not timing hit have a slog, best case he hits a few, worst case he steps aside for Kane. Otherwise his role is to just go at 85% strike rate, not get out & take singles to get the other guy on strike.

  • Tom gets bowled for 84, in a pretty dribbly fashion - rebounds off the back pad onto the front leg and back onto the stumps.

    In terms of the game situation, this is ideal for Anderson - coming in at 167/3 after 30 overs. He can take a little bit of time to get in and then hopefully find some form and confidence and smack it around.

  • As expected Jeets is carrying us home here...

  • @gollum said in Black Caps v Ireland v Bangledesh ODIs:

    As expected Jeets is carrying us home here...


    We just lost to Bangladesh

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