Red meat and muscle injuries

  • Only just 'discovered' this forum so apologies if this topic has been covered.

    On one of the sports shows the other day Robbie Slater (I think) mentioned that when he was at Liverpool they put him on a diet where he got his meat protein from white meat (fish, chicken) rather than red meat. He said the reasoning behind it was that the dietician at the club subscribed to the theory that getting your protein from red meat increases your chances of picking up muscle injuries. He siad he didn't know if it's bollocks or not but he did not have any problems with his recurring hamstring tears after changing to white meat.

    Anyone know much about this theory? Anyone actually tried it and noticed a difference in muscle injuries? I only ask because I seem to go from one injury to another and red meat plays a big part in my diet.

  • I have never heard of it in my life, and from my vast scientific knowledge (none), it does sound like bollocks to me.

    But anything is worth a try if you are picking up lots of injuries.

    Doing the same old thing all the time and getting the same old injuries means something might need to change, and even if it is just 'bandaging of the brain', if it works, it is good!!!

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