Scott Dixon CRash

  • Absolutely insane, the fact he is still alive, let alone walked away pretty much unscathed from this is astounding!

  • No wonder a simple carjacking didn't worry him!

  • another angle...

  • Nice engineering of the tub. Amazing how safe motorsport is these days. In contrast, Nicky Hayden died on a pushbike.

  • Safety matters. Some other racers used to laugh at me when I said I spent time to take the body shell off and check all the welds on my rollcage during the week after each race night (and all the bolts mounting the seat into the frame). Never regretted spending the time on safety precautions, and didn't trust my own welding to work on the rollcage myself whenever I found something that needed work. Still got KO'd once, and hurt a few times, but nothing that could have been prevented.

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