Old fart comeback training

  • Righto fellas, thought this was as good a place to post this as any....Was hoping for some training advice.

    A mate of mine started playing a bit of subbies rugby this season in Oz and I tagged along and as I am now the ripe old age of 35, I ended up signing up with the idea of trying to keep my general fitness up.

    Unfortunately I haven't played in about 13-14 years and it has dawned on me very quickly that I am, in fact, a dilapidated old fart. Now they've gone and thrown me into the firsts in the centres, and I'm going to struggle if I don't get up to speed PDQ.

    Our footy training all-round fitness drills are generally pretty rigourous but not really enough on their own and I have a least another night a week (outside work and between other sports) that I have spare and was hoping for some advice on proven methods anyone might be able to offer for speed/acceleration.

    I'm happy enough with my strength and am confident I can get endurance base up to scratch but I was hoping for some details on any proven training drills specifically for working on speed off the mark/explosiveness, as the sluggishness of old age is starting to take hold!

    I realize google can probably sort most of this out but thought I'd maybe get a bit first hand input (preferably from any like-minded old bastards). Not hoping for miracles, more looking for survival at this point!

    PS - My injury rehab post will probably follow shortly.

  • Hill sprints!!

    Not everyones cup of tea, and i personally fucking hate them, but i can see their benefit. A solid set of them one night a week will fulfill all the criteria you are looking for, and won't take a heap of time up. They really get you blowing, so good for the lungs; the push off and acceleration is pretty hard (assuming you find the right hill) and after a couple of sessions, running from a standing start on the flat is going to feel like a holiday.

    I am only a couple of years younger than you, hill sprints form a big part of my preseason training, and i really notice the benefits. Still hate them though.

  • GG - you might want to get this moved to the Fatbusters forum where it will get a bit more of the attention it deserves.

  • My best advice would be to move into the forwards. At your age its about time!

  • Cheers for the sympathetic ear Redbeard xzxblum1

    Good call Mariner, I've got a 200M decent gradient asphalt hill strip across the road and have started smashing out 30-45 minute sets. Can see why you hate them, but already starting to see some early benefits.

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