Protein shakes

  • I realise this may have been touched on before and I'm assuming many of you have tried them but what are peoples views ?

    Lifestyle and work dictate that I can't do the ideal "six small meals a day" to build lean mass as often and consistently as I'd like to. Do these work well as a meal replacement for people ?

  • Which one are you going for, the meal replacement or the lean muscle gainer type? Got a mate who drifts between the two, he reckons switching actually works better for him (he's a scrawny pissmidget trying to put on some "beach muscles"*).
    He told me when he is on the meal replacement his biceps and shoulders get bigger and on the lean muscle gainer he loses his (miniscule) amount of fat.
    Neither worked at all while he was drinking booze.

    *reference to Bartman.

  • Just realised there is a whole other thread on this but quite old.....

    I'd say the latter Scorz, have decided to clean up my diet a bit ( main thing being no booze during the week at all ) and would like to trim up while maintaining ( or getting more ) lean mass.

  • What's the link to the other thread I can't find it?

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