Paekakboyz's post-pre-post-pre season!

  • ahem... had totally forgotten about my previous thread which was quite likely about training for pre-season... 2008!!!

    Have been concentrating on running this year - only played 2.5 games of rugby as I'd been getting grumpy about being injured so often. Last three seasons have seen a busted ankle, cracked/broken ribs, and a rib cartilige injury. Needless to say each injury came after doing the hard yards getting fit! plus there was a fair whack of unhappiness on the part of the wife when I'd avoid any excessive work in the garden!

    Around April I decided to do the Wellington shoe clinic 10km (ran it a couple of weeks ago). Needed a target and I'd never run 10km before. Training was 4km or 8km runs 2-3 times a week. Didn't run 10km till 4 days before the race. My usual run has plenty of hills and I figured 8kms of hills should be a rough approximate for 10km on the flat.

    Was keen to get sub 50min for the run but ended up with 53.40. After training on my own I found it strange running with several hundred other people!! played havoc with my pace and after a slow start dodging past slower runners I was miles away from the 50min pace setter. I spent the first half of the race trying to catch him up with no luck. At the half way point I made a 'tactical' decision and settled for following just behind the 55min pace setter. Broke away with 2km to go although I had hoped to get a lot closer to the 50min mark.

    Had a couple of mean blisters and legs were tired but other than that it was pretty good. I had assumed (can you see it coming!!) that because I was running hills a flat track would be easier... unfortunately this wasn't the case!!

    Have a much better idea of how I'd run the race now and am thinking of having a crack at the half marathon next year. Going to have a look for some smaller (people wise) races round wellington. maybe some offroad ones or something as there are some pretty cool tracks around.

    Anyhow the running's cut around 6kg off which is primo. Clocking in at 95kg-ish at the moment and would like to get down to 90 by Oct. Making a reasonable effort to eat better but nothing like Bartman!! Have been toying with getting back to the gym and adding in some weights to mix it up.

    will attempt to update on any other runs I go on this year. Off to Israel for a month in mid Oct so will take the running gears... heat will probably kill me though!

  • My girlfriend did the same event but ran her first half marathon and really enjoyed it. She put it some hard training and ran a 1hr 48 which she was stoked with. She followed the program they have on the event website.

    For training she mixed in hills, long runs and shorter runs where she ran faster than race pace. It all seemed to work.

  • now that I don't weigh as much as a small pony, the thought of running half marathons does not seem so far fetched or daunting, but I have never really been a runner. Still, Mrs B walked a HM the other month at huntly with no training, and she might be keen once this bodybuilding kick is over and done with, if that happens at all that is - it is fun!

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