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  • What is this sub forum for?

    Politics, Culture Wars, Terrorism, Foreign Affairs etc

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    A few extra posting guidelines to encourage discussion

    • Please don't post memes that say people with different views are stupid and/or evil. These will be deleted
    • Don't block post whole articles. Provide a link and maybe a few paragraphs
    • If you are posting an article (particularly an opinion piece) please explain why it's worth anybody else reading

    Don't be a dick

    Of course normal TSF rules apply here too

    If you get too heated or spammy in this sub forum you may lose posting permission to it

  • Alright we've had a few complaints recently about this cesspool of a sub forum. So I just want to remind people about a few of the guidelines etc

    Don't be a dick

    This doesn't mean everyone needs to be super polite. A robust debate with a few elbows thrown can be good banter

    Try to avoid

    • Personal abuse
    • Playing the man not the ball
    • Cathy Newman impersonations "So what you're saying is.."
    • Generally badgering people because they reached a different conclusion than you

    Where's the line? Well its subjective. It has to be. If you're ruining conversations (yes, a subjective call) then you might have posts deleted.
    Be a dick often and you'll temporarily lose access to this area.


    There's few complaints about this too.

    Some of the threads are just getting the latest twitter outrage dumped into them. No real discussion takes place.
    Just be aware that this pisses a lot of fellow posters off and makes people put threads (or the entire sub-forum) on ignore.

    Locked Threads

    I've locked a few threads that have become meaningless. They turned into catch-all threads for the latest twitter stories

    The topics aren't banned but lets have some more specific threads...

    More Specific Threads

    In general super threads suck. Conversations get lost. The latest spam dominates etc

    This will allow people to avoid topics they aren't interested in

    Now to be completely inconsistent - let's keep all of the domestic US politics in one thread. It's a special dumping ground.


    Sometimes threads and posts will be moderated. Don't use the thread to question why or whine about it.

    This will definitely lead to temporary banning!

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