Toll Northland Mitre 10 Cup Squad for 2017

  • Toll Northland Mitre 10 Cup Squad for 2017

    Toll Northland Mitre 10 Cup Squad for 2017:

    Solomona Alaimalo
    Fullback | Otamatea | 10 Games

    Chris Apoua
    Prop | Mid Northern | 1 Game

    Tim Bond
    Lock | Hikurangi | 0 Games

    Peter Breen
    First five-eigth | Old Boys Marist | 8 Games

    Murray Douglas
    Lock | Awanui | 0 Games

    Michael Faleafa
    Loose Forward | Hikurangi | 7 Games

    Troy Gilbert
    Midfield | Old Boys Marist | 20 Games

    Jack Goodhue
    Midfield | United Kawakawa | 0 Games

    Joshua Goodhue
    Lock | Kamo | 7 Games

    Scott Gregory
    Midfield | Hikurangi | 0 Games

    Dan Hawkins
    First five-eigth | Otamatea | 38 Games

    Blake Hohaia
    Midfield | Kamo | 0 Games

    Jordan Hyland
    Utility | Wellsford | 19 Games

    Phil Kite
    Prop | Old Boys Marist | 9 Games

    Josh Larsen
    Lock | Mid Northern | 8 Games

    Jone Macilai
    Wing | Awanui | 27 Games

    Malcolm MacLeod
    Halfback | Mid Northern | 8 Games

    Matty Markwick
    Halfback | Old Boys Marist | 5 Games

    Matt Matich
    Loose Forward | Western Sharks | 10 Games

    Jaycob Matiu
    Loose Forward | Hora Hora | 12 Games

    Matt Moulds
    Hooker | Otamatea | 34 Games

    Samuel Nock
    Halfback | Kerikeri | 17 Games

    Jordan Olsen
    Hooker | Mid Northern | 16 Games

    Dan Pryor
    Loose Forward | Old Boys Marist | 54 Games

    Kara Pryor
    Loose Forward | Old Boys Marist | 29 Games

    Jack Ram
    Loose Forward | Kerikeri | 28 Games

    Rene Ranger
    Utility | Wellsford | 65 Games

    Ropate Rinakama
    Prop | Waipu | 0 Games

    Tom Robinson
    Lock | Western Sharks | 5 Games

    Howard Sililoto
    Prop | Old Boys Marist | 26 Games

    Tamati Tua
    Midfield | Hikurangi | 9 Games

    Namatahi Waa
    Prop | Hikurangi | 27 Games

    Matt Wright
    Fullback | Wellsford | 34 Games

    Ross Wright
    Prop | Wellsford | 71 Games

    Coach - Derren Witcombe

    Assistant Coach - Dale MacLeod

    Manager - Brad Te Haara

  • Solid team! Ranger adds a bit of spark and experience to the back line.
    Any players unlucky?

  • That’s the best Northland squad since the early 2000s

  • Easily best squad we have had for years, lets hope Witcombe can bring it all together on the park rather than just a mint looking paper squad!

    So my starting 15 would be:

    Waa, Moulds, Kite
    Goodhue, Robinson (assuming fit)
    Pryor, Matich, Pryor
    Nock, Breen
    Tua, Goodhue
    Macilai, Alaimalo, Ranger

    Or with the back 3, you could leave Alaimalo at 14 and have Wright at FB with Ranger on the bench.

    Bench: Olsen, Sililoto, Wright, Larsen, Ram, Markwick, Hawkins, Hyland

    @Northlandallday I'd argue someone like Reuben Wright is unlucky given he was in the HP squad, they have signed Bond and Douglas from outside Northland, when ideally Goodhue, Larsen and Robinson will be our main locks, the next cab should have been a local (although maybe he was offered a contract but it didnt fit with his work/life commitments?)

  • Strong squad. Exciting times. Hope can they get these guys together and mould a distinct pattern of play before the season starts. Starts at set piece with tight five - scrums and line outs are so important so interested to see the quality of the imported locks. This year we have a back line with a lot of talent....

  • As Duluth said, best squad for bloody ages. Looking forward to this season, just hope the lads can piece together all that talent into onfield performances.

    I think Whitcombe and co are going to have a few headaches on who to leave out, such a good problem to have.

    Hopefully Jack Goodhue gets a full campaign with us, depends on those pesky ABs pinching him I suppose!

  • @taniwharugby wouldn't mind seeing Rene given some time at 2nd five.

  • @kev yeah I think people mentioned him as an option there a few years back too, be a good bail out option for Breen thats for sure!

  • The other guy that will have been close and should get a shot if we have injuries would be Aorangi Stokes - I like the cut of his jib!

  • Interesting that the squad has been taken down from the northland website,I wonder if there has been a error made,apart from of obvious non selection of Aorangi Stokes,Waisea Lawabuka,Warren Dunn,Matt Talease & Monty Lama from last years squad,the name that stands out is Epineri Uluiviti..?,I have heard he was having visa issues,but also form may have been an issue.

  • is 34 players up there...yeah @kev Stokes is another unlucky for sure, seems a really strong abrasive player

  • @Steven-Harris said in Toll Northland Mitre 10 Cup Squad for 2017:

    Interesting that the squad has been taken down from the northland website,I wonder if there has been a error made,apart from of obvious non selection of Aorangi Stokes,Waisea Lawabuka,Warren Dunn,Matt Talease & Monty Lama from last years squad,the name that stands out is Epineri Uluiviti..?,I have heard he was having visa issues,but also form may have been an issue.

    The page with the squad is still live; they have only removed it from the list of "Latest news" items. Maybe it wasn't meant to be published yet?

  • They squad was taken down from the Northland website because the NZRFU wanted all the squads to be released on the 8th August to coincide with the Mitre 10 cup launch.

    Just on some of the players that missed the cut,Jacob Matiu was selected ahead of Aorangi Stokes,With so many other outside back options,Monty Lama missed the cut.
    Warren Dunn is heading to police training college,Epineri Uluiviti & Waisea Lawabuka have visa issues and Matt Talease has picked up a contract in France.

    All the best to Matt Talease and Warren Dunn on their respective paths,hopefully the 2 Fijian boys can get their visa's sorted.
    And hopefully we have'nt seen the last of Uluiviti and Aorangi Stokes,both looked a good prospects.

    Apparently we were very close to securing the services of Australian U20 & Melbourne Rebels tighthead prop Tyrel Lomax,very highly regarded.

    After watching the Harbour final yesterday,Northcote beating Takapuna 17-15,I have no doubts our nearest rivals will be very strong in 2017
    Will be interesting to see how they go in the premiership,they have signed Jared Hoeata & Sean Stephenson and Chris Eves.
    I also believe Monster ( Shane Neville could be in the mix)
    Played very well in the final for Takapuna.

  • That seems an odd reason to take down the squad details. I would assume that by the 8th of August most teams will have played at least one pre season game and therefore most team details will be widely known.

  • @Steven-Harris what was the deal with Lomax? Has he signed for another team, or is he staying put in Oz? Have heard good things about that guy, would have been a good scoop for us.

  • @J77 said in Toll Northland Mitre 10 Cup Squad for 2017:

    @Steven-Harris what was the deal with Lomax? Has he signed for another team, or is he staying put in Oz? Have heard good things about that guy, would have been a good scoop for us.

    Lomax has just finished the first year of his 2-year Melbourne Rebels contract. I'd assume he will play for the Melbourne Rising in the NRC again? Obviously, we don't know what's going to happen to Rebels players if they're the franchise to be cut from SR ...

  • given there was an article about 'The All Blacks' contacting him to entice him to NZ, and Cheika apparently keen on him, they (ARU) aren't gonna let him come here for Mitre 10 Cup where there is a chance he might see the light and try his luck here!

  • @taniwharugby Bloody Aussies, no surprises there..

    On the subject of props, I notice that Tongan who played for Waikato last year is missing from the squad. Can't remember his name, but he played for Kamo. Does anyone know what happened to him?

  • @J77 Koloamatangi?

    He has been playing for Kamo, but when I've watched he hasn't really stood out.

  • @taniwharugby that's him.

    Oh well that answers that then. Last I heard he was expected to be a beast.

  • @Steven-Harris
    Yeah Monster has signed with Harbour I hear.

  • Northland has 2 x preseason games,both against North Harbour,
    Should be a good pointer to how the Taniwha squad is shaping up before the season starts properly,as North Harbour now that they are in the premiership and have recruited very well, look a very good squad on paper.
    Should be a good challenge for the Taniwha.
    Can't wait..!

    Friday 4th August - Northland - Kerikeri - 2:30pm kickoff.

    Thursday 10th August - Northland - Harbour Stadium Oval - 2:30 kickoff.

  • SO Ranger has signed to go back to France for La Rochelle, says for 2 years through 2019.

    Assume that means he leaves after Mitre 10 cup after failing to pick up a super contract?

  • @taniwharugby Rene has played almost no rugby with injuries in last two years. When he has been on the park his ball retention hasn't been the best - but I felt he just needed more time. Didn't see his game against Sunwolves but he is still the type of player that Northland could build a campaign around if he is switched on. Hope he has great season (last?) for the Taniwha.

  • @kev still pushed the envelope v sunwolves and made errors.

    Thought coming back here might reignite his career but I guess he decided he can't wait on the off chance of picking up a super contract even if he has a stormer.

  • Northland team for North Harbour preseason game:

    1. Ropate Rinakama
    2. Matt Moulds (c)
    3. Namatahi Waa
    4. Tim Bond
    5. Josh Goodhue
    6. Murray Douglas
    7. Jack Ram
    8. Matt Matich
    9. Sam Nock
    10. Dan Hawkins
    11. Rene Ranger
    12. Blake Hohaia
    13. Tamati Tua
    14. Jordan Hyland
    15. Matty Wright
    16. Jordan Olsen
    17. Phil Kite
    18. Paddy Jo Atkins
    19. Josh Larsen
    20. Jaycob Matiu
    21. Michael Faleafa
    22. Malcolm MacLeod
    23. Peter Breen
    24. Monty Lama
    25. Renata Te Nana


    North Harbour take on Northland in the second of their three preseason fixtures in Kerikeri. Here's the squad:

    1. Adrian Smith

    2. Leon Thambrian

    3. Mike Tamoaieta

    4. Brandon Nansen

    5. Shane Neville

    6. Glenn Preston ©

    7. Kane Jacobsen

    8. Josh Tyrell

    9. Lewis Gjaltema

    10. Bryn Gatland

    11. Shae Tucker

    12. Daniel Hilton-Jones

    13. Matt Vaega

    14. Mark Telea

    15. Ben Volavola

    16. Mark Royal

    17. Tony Tu'ungafasi

    18. Lua Li

    19. Jarrad Hoeata

    20. Kuki Moala-Liava’a

    21. Connor Collett

    22. Chris Smylie

    23. George Pisi

    24. Todd Doolan

    25. Harrison Groundwater

    26. Murphy Taramai

  • Couple of reasonably strong sides there.

    I'm heading over today, so will do an amateur report of sorts later on.

  • @J77 said in Toll Northland Mitre 10 Cup Squad for 2017:

    Couple of reasonably strong sides there.

    Really? I haven't heard of the majority of that Harbour side.

  • @Gunner key word 'reasonably'

    They have some firepower there in terms of mitre 10 level. Hoeata, Smylie, Vaeaga, Gatland, Smith, Volavola, Taramai and Pisi.. Even pinched one of ours in Monster Neville!

    Still, Taniwha by 10 👍

  • 38-12 Northland. Report to follow later.

  • I will by no means get carried away with that result today, as there's still a long way to go, but from what I witnessed I must say Northland look way better than we have in the past two years.

    The thing that stood out for me was our set piece has improved tenfold. the lineouts worked like clockwork, and the scrum was dominant. Harbour had an absolute nightmare with our pack today, we were far more organised and aggressive.

    Was really impressed with the communication as well, everyone was in unison and had a good understanding of what each other was doing.

    Yep it was pre-season, and yep both sides were trying new things, but if Northland keep building from this performance I think it will be a pretty successful season.

    Our first two tries were well worked from the forwards, it was a pick and go attack for the first one, with some good work close to the line, and the second was very similar. from there the backs had there turn with some well worked moves along the chain which culminated in meat pies!

    Individually I had several stand-outs. Josh Goodhue was my man of the match, the guy played the whole 80 and was still running at full steam at the end. His defence was top notch and he was a sharp shooter in the lineout, took everything coming to him. He's in for a big year.

    I was really impressed with our new Scotsman, Murray Douglas, the guy is a beast, very aggressive and great in the contact. To all the 'locals only' guys, I challenge you to find someone better running around up here right now. Yep there maybe guys that'll be good in the future, but right now, he's our best fit.

    Out wide Tamati Tua and Matty Wright had solid matches, as did Rene Ranger after a bit of a shaky start. Sam Nock better be ready for a lot of minutes this year, as under him I'm not sure about Macleod, I would have preferred Matt Markwick there..

    Our two first fives had decent games too, Hawkins was solid in the first 40, and Breen was solid in the 2nd. Breen takes the battle by a whisker though..

    Other mentions go out to the like of Mike Faleafa, Namatahi Waa, Matt Matich, Jack Ram, Blake Hohaia and Kara Pryor, all were right in the thick of it. Faleafa made some brutal runs.

    Tactically we were far more efficient than Harbour, our outside-in defence choked them all day and they had no answers. Their tries were opportunist, and came from our errors.

    For them I thought Volavola was their best. Former Taniwha Shane Neville played ok too, not a bad effort.

  • If there's anything else you guys want to know just ask, as you can see I'm no sports journo..

  • @J77 on your comment about Douglas I agree.

    We dont know if any local locks were offered contracts, and therefore turned down for thier own reasons.

    I know of a couple of players who just cant afford to take the time off work for a basic contract and as such arent really looking at making it a career, just play rugby cos they love the game.

    Will be interesting to see how Ranger responds this season, while he could return in 2 seasons for a swansong, I reckon this seaosn could well be his last, hopefully it does reignite his passion and flair and has a huge season, him running off Jack Goodhues shoulder is an exciting prospect.

    This season promises an awful lot, but I need to temper that with the fact we've been down this road before of having a decent looking squad that has failed to deliver.

  • @taniwharugby Ranger looked to be enjoying being back in the cambridge blue, was impressed with his attitude out there. He looks a little slower, but still has that impact we need.

    I'm thinking it would have been nice to still have Neville in our squad, especially since Tom Robinson looks to be out. If one of our locks drop, we may struggle a tad. Josh Larsen is still a good player, but just looks too light for my liking. Got ragged a few times today.

  • @taniwharugby if it's any consolation,whilst the personal have changed since a year ago,we got pumped by 60 points in the corresponding game last year..the only other locks I saw in the HP games earlier this season were,Fredericks from Western Sharks,and the guy smith from Waipu,Fredericks looks promising,but very light..!,and the other chap from Waipu was ok but hardly Mitre 10 level,and Reuben Wright who has been around for a while,solid at club level,but at 31 if he was up to this level would have made it by now..judging by the feedback from Justin,Douglas went well,and more importantly brings some size to our middle row.

  • @J77 thanks for the update Justin,you could have another career if you ever decide to move from your current work,I think we can all appreciate it was'nt the strongest Harbour side on paper,it still did have a good number of their 2017 squad on deck along with Hoeata and Pisi,but balancing that,we Alaimalo,Macilai,Jack Goodhue,Dan Pryor,Troy Gilbert,Howard Silioto and Ross Wright who were not available..!
    So for me,depth is the big gain here..! I will be heading along to the return game next Thursday,I have no doubt both teams will be stronger,and Harbour will be looking to turn it around,so it's really the perfect build up to August 20th.
    Will keep you all posted.

  • @Steven-Harris Your'e too kind Steve! I think I'll stick to what I'm doing ... for now!

    I agree, Harbour had a decent core there, but at the same time we were missing a heap of talent too. Look forward to your report from down that way next week.

  • Great work Justin. Thanks for the updates, quality work!😀

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