Inspirational Speakers

  • I attended a conference this week and had the pleasure of hearing Shaun Quincey speak about his journey across the Tasman.

    Spoke really well, and to have the drive and motivation to go ahead with what he did, both before he even hit the water and once on it, showed some real mental strength and fortitude.

    The other speaker worth mentioning was Dr. Tom Mullholland, a GP and ED Dr. currently at Auckland Hospital, but the work he has done outside there both in NZ and other spots in the world is awesome.

    If you get the chance to listen to either, you wont be disappointed.

  • I've heard good things about Tavita Ngata, but he seems to have gone to ground over the last five years...

  • I want to see this guy, I've given his book to three other people who read it in one sitting and Red Beard said he was great the time he saw him.

  • @jegga according to that website Sir Ed will rise from the dead and make a speech if I pay enough m
    That would be special.

  • Heard Lance Burdett recently - police negotiator. Good talk, engaging. Seemed largely credible, but had some occasional lapse into gym trainer 'I've got big words but a simplistic understanding of them'. Still worth a listen if you get a chacne.

    Will be hearing Kevin Biggar later this year. He's meant to be excellent.

  • @nzzp Biggar would be at the top of my list of people to hear speak , very funny smart guy.

    Mrs Jegga has booked Te Radar speak at work a couple of times , not so much inspirational more funny and entertaining. My favourite tale of his was when he was on intrepid journeys and his father told him not to be a whining celeb when things got tough. So when a scorpion crawled up his pants and stung him he did flinch as he says " I'm from Hamilton so I'm quite used to burning sensations in my groin".

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