Wellington ferners - help needed

  • Boys and girls, need some help for the bodybuilding comp in two weekends from now - October 10th.

    Need some dumbells for the pump up process pre competition. Have a nephew down in Welly who can arrange pick up and drop off, or we are in the city Thursday night so sould pick up some time Friday probably. Comp is in lower or upper hutt (I will check, hurried right now).

    Anyway, if anyone can help, drop me a PM or let me know here.

    a couple of 10kg and a couple of 5s or thereabouts would be fantastic.


  • Lots of 1.25, 2.5 and 5kg weights in my garage bart. They're rusty as fuck but will do the job. Pop in when you're here and I'll hook you up !

  • thanks MN - the more rust the better!!

  • Should nip round to Cory Jane's garage if you're in the hutt mate!! he's bound to have a few weights lying around, and maybe a holden... on bricks xzxfishing You'd def get a beer at the end of the session

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