Auckland vs. Northland

  • Well Northland nearly pulled it off as I predicted earlier without playing very well themselves. Auckland continue to get worse and we'll do well to stay in the division if things don't improve.

  • @Tim Moala should shift to the wing in place of Aso.

  • We have no pattern or effective plan on attack. There is no focus. Without the Ioane brothers we really aren't creating anything.

  • A lot is made of Auckland 10s but cripes their 9s have been garbage for a long time. How the hell did they let Enari get away.

    Give that youngster Mausia some more time at 10 I say.

  • @Tim Dead right. All we do is smash it up until we run out of ideas which then leads to Bowden trying to put a kick in behind the defence which very rarely comes off. We look like a league team trying to play rugby.

  • @Tim said in Auckland vs. Northland:

    Need some changes. Hopefully Nanai is back next week.

    1. Fukofuka
    2. Does is have to be Bowden?
    3. Clarke
    4. Faiane
    5. Moala/Fekitoa
    6. Not Aso
    7. Nanai

    Got to be Fekitoa at centre. - he's one of the best, if not the best, players in the competition.

    But, all these guys should be dominant in the NPC - Faiane, Moala, Fekitoa, Aso, Clarke, Nanai - that's some incredible weaponry at this level.

  • yeah I was pretty happy with the way we contained that back division.

    Like our mid-field of Tua-Goodhue, certainly neutralised (and were neutralised) thier AB capped opposites.

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