The Shield

  • Pinched the below graphic from the BOP site. Quite interesting as I've never been bothered to work out when/where we might end up with a shield challenge, but this makes it easy.

    It's looking pretty unlikely that we get a challenge this season. For that to happen we need one of the following scenarios to play out.

    I'm thinking option B is the most likey, followed closely by A, with C almost zero chance.

    Canterbury beat Otago.
    Canterbury beat Southland.
    Counties beat Canterbury.
    Counties beat Hawkes Bay.
    We beat Counties.

    Otago beat Canterbury.
    Manawatu beat Otago.
    Manawatu beat BOP.
    We beat Manawatu.

    Southland beat Canterbury
    Southland beat Auckland
    Southland beat Manawatu
    Wellington beat Southland
    We beat Wellington

    0_1503696913264_Ranfurly Shield.png

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