Auckland vs Waikato

  • 15 Jordan Trainor (Ponsonby, 2 Auckland caps)
    14 Vince Aso (Ponsonby, 30)
    13 George Moala (Grammar TEC, 47)
    12 TJ Faiane (Pakuranga, 9)
    11 Tumua Manu (College Rifles, 0) *
    10 Wiseguy Faiane (Pakuranga, 0) *
    9 Lisati Milo-Harris (Grammar TEC, 1)
    8 Akira Ioane (Ponsonby, 22)
    7 Blake Gibson (Ponsonby, 14)/Josh Kaifa (Manukau, 6)
    6 Josh Kaifa (Manukau, 6)/Samuel Slade (Ponsonby, 2)
    5 Ben Nee-Nee (Pakuranga, 7)
    4 Patrick Tuipulotu (Ponsonby, 16, c)
    3 Marcel Renata (University, 13)
    2 Kurt Eklund (University, 24)
    1 Sam Prattley (Pakuranga, 36)

    16 JP Sauni (College Rifles, 0) +
    17 Emersen Tamura-Paki (College Rifles, 1)
    18 Dexter Fa’amoana (College Rifles, 2)
    19 Sam Ulufonua (Ponsonby, 0) +
    20 Sione Havili (College Rifles, 0) +
    21 Jono Hickey (Grammar TEC, 24)
    22 Pryor Collier (Ponsonby, 9)
    23 Otumaka Mausia (College Rifles, 1)

  • Damn that's a lot of injuries. Losing Scrafton for the season is a huge blow. Hope GPT is back soon.

    I wonder if Bowden was dropped or rested?

    Injured/unavailable: Tom McHugh (season), Jamason Fa’anana-Shultz (season), Scott Scrafton (season), Isi Tu’ungafasi, Leon Fukofuka, Dalton Papali’i, Taleni Seu, Michael Fatialofa, Melani Nanai, Greg Pleasants-Tate, Sinclair Dominikovich-Murray

  • @Tim said in Auckland vs Waikato:

    Losing Scrafton for the season is a huge blow.

    Any idea when Seu is fit?

  • @Duluth How long does a forearm fracture usually take to heal? Apparently it happened in June.

    There was this in the team announcement:

    In the pack, the likes of Akira Ioane, Blake Gibson and Taleni Seu, all seasoned Super Rugby performers now, should see extensive game time, while Blues reps Scott Scrafton and Patrick Tuipulotu should lead the way in the second-row. Michael Fatialofa is still rehabbing a knee injury from the Hurricanes’ campaign, so is unlikely to feature.

  • Sucks about Scrafton.

    Good to see a lot of young blood in there. Milo-Harris was terrible in week 1 so hopefully an improvement. Really looking forward to the Faiane's teaming up at 10-12.

    Hopefully Havilli gets a run - I know he'll be with the U19s but I wonder if he is a replacement for the Aussie that is out for the season.

  • @Tim it says Fekitoa has been rested, so you have to assume dropped?

  • with Auckland having another game on Sunday v Harbour i'd say Bowden and Caleb Clarke etc are also rested.

  • @taniwharugby Hard to tell, as there was no mention of Clarke. The Auckland Rugby site's news items aren't exactly known for proving complete details either.

  • @KiwiMurph @Tim ah ok, yeah the 3 games in 10 day thing, yeah that will probably be more likely

    While I do like the crossvers, I still think we could ditch one, then this will remove the need for the 3 games in 10 days, especially as the Wed/Thurs night fixtures with 1930 k/o suck!

  •  Blake Gibson reverts to openside flanker, but may not be able to strip as he is battling the flu. 

    Don't players get vaccinated in Auckland?

  • Hmm, the TAB might want to adjust these odds:

    1 Auckland 1.39
    2 Waikato 2.95
    3 Draw 26.00

  • Waikato have 3 games in 10 days too so it will be interesting to see how many changes are made from the team that played C-M.

    @taniwharugby If NZR are wanting to continue with these midweek games there needs to be some common sense on who plays who during that period, i.e., play local derbies to minimise travel.

  • @Tim Yes can't see us doing much with that side. Still, good to see some youngsters thrown in there.

  • @Stargazer The flu circulating in Auckland this season isn't covered by the vaccination.

  • @Tim interestingly I had heard that the flu strain about this year is not one normally in the nz flu jab and it appears it was a slightly different strain likely bought over by Lions fans.

  • @Tim Ah, now you mention it, I remember seeing something on Stuff about a mutated virus strain, but didn't have time to read it. Nasty!

  • Waikato

    1 Ayden Johnstone (Hautapu)
    2 Samisoni Taukei’aho (Fraser Tech)
    3 Sefo Kautai (Hamilton Marist)
    4 James Tucker (Hamilton Marist)
    5 Leva Fifita (Hamilton Old Boys)
    6 Jordan Manihera (Hamilton Old Boys)
    7 Jahrome Brown (Melville)
    8 Adam Burn – Captain (Hamilton Old Boys)
    9 Pele Cowley (Hamilton Old Boys)
    10 Matty Lansdown (Fraser Tech)
    11 Tyler Campbell (University)
    12 Tevita Taufui (Melville)
    13 Bailyn Sullivan (Hamilton Marist)
    14 Iliesa Ratuva Tavuyara (Hamilton Old Boys)
    15 Zac Guildford (Hamilton Old Boys)

    16 Sekope Lopeti (Hautapu)
    17 Latu Talakai (Fraser Tech)
    18 Duke Nginingini (Hamilton Old Boys)
    19 Laghlan McWhannell (Hautapu)
    20 Luke Jacobson (Hautapu)
    21 Raniera Takarangi (Hamilton Old Boys)
    22 Sam Christie (Fraser Tech)
    23 Sevu Reece (Hamilton Old Boys)

  • Heaps of changes to that team. It's only Auckland. 😉

  • This post is deleted!

  • Oh great, TJ commentating again.

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