Steamers v Wellington

    1. Jordan Lay (1)
    2. Nathan Harris (26)
    3. James Lay (1)
    4. Tom Franklin (2)
    5. Keepa Mewett (26) – Captain
    6. Hugh Blake (10)
    7. Mitchell Karpik (2)
    8. Jesse Parete (11)
    9. Richard Judd (2)
    10. Mike Delany (63) – Vice Captain
    11. Joe Webber (2)
    12. Terrence Hepetema (9)
    13. Lalakai Foketi (20)
    14. Monty Ioane (13)
    15. Chase Tiatia (16)

    16. Liam Polwart (6)
    17. Solomona Sakalia (29)
    18. Siegfried Fisi’ihoi (30)
    19. Culum Retallick (104)
    20. Troy Callander (13)
    21. Henry Stowers (11)
    22. Luke Campbell (6)
    23. Liam Steel (1)

    This could arguably be our toughest game of the playoffs and I see the TAB doesn't give us a chance...They have been wrong on the two earlier games !

    The inclusion of Harris and the dropping of Ardron are the main talking points I guess but I'm somewhat surprised as I thought they would be rotating some players more but I suppose that will occur later on.

  • Agree, tough game this one and wellington have named an impressive lineup. I'm surprised the Lay Bros are named up front. Also 3 'shorties' in the back row will reduce lineout options. Maybe that's why 2 locks named on the bench. I assume that Franklin could cover 6 if required.

    Good to see the backline stick with the combos. Surprisingly, we appear relatively injury free so far!

  • 6 forwards, 2 backs in the reserves so I'm hoping we don't get back injuries.

    Front row reads like a Bob Dylan song "Lay, Harris, Lay"

  • Is there a strongish wind up your way tonight as some of the kicks seem to be going a fair distance?

  • Far too good Wellington - geez, that was some pack - they are red hot this year! We were up against it from the get go. As I thought - The Lay brothers, despite good intent - were severely outgunned. Hell of a game to get an initiation!

    Good again from Delany and Tiatia. Not much else I can add... Need to muscle up against the Turbos, critical game to be able to stay in touch.

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