rotator cuff issues

  • Was wondering who here has had issues.

    I have always had a very minor niggle when I lifted my arm in a specific angle, however for some reason I woke up the other morning and it is quite sore.

    I am assuming it is my rotator cuff, which I usually do exercises for with a resistance band.

    So just wondering if any have had issues and did you need surgery to fix or is able to be rectified with rest and/or strengthening.

  • Issues!! yeah bro I've got heaps of those :-)... oh wait, you only meant rotator cuff issues. Doh!

    Luckily 😞 I am also in possession of an iffy shoulder. Mine has been much improved through doing stretching and mobility work. If you are doing a lot of work on a computer (ie sitting) there is an inevitable hunch that does your shoulders no help at all. Better work posture and regular breaks can help but only so far imo.

    In my experience once your shoulders/neck and upper back get tight it's quite a lot of work to sort out. And something that needs ongoing work.

    Have you been doing anything out of the ordinary recently?

  • @Paekakboyz nah not I said, just woke up on Friday, TBF it was worst night sleep in ages...

    Rotator issues only really go away completely with surgery don't they?

    I had next to no restriction on anything I did before, and TBF I can tough it out to do pull ups, barely any pain in push ups, but every now and then I move the wrong angle and I get a shooting pain.

  • I hurt my shoulder about ten years ago in a whiteout ski fall. Physio thought it was my rotator cuff.
    Have managed to strengthen it quite a bit and can do most exercises which involve shoulders, such as presses, pretty well. But still weak in a part of range of movement (such as opening a stiff umbrella) and can get worse with prolonged holding up of arm.
    Pat Rafter had something similar in latter part of his career. He coped by doing rotator cuff exercises every day, but eventually got sick of that and retired.
    I suspect you can manage it to be most of the time at 90% plus (like me) but to get close to full strength would require surgery.
    I've never found it bad enough for that, but am tempted to see someone in case there is some manipulation which could do the trick (i expect very unlikely).

  • @pakman my original injury was rugby about 15 or so years back.

    Probably have 95% movement, and never noticed any reduction in strength, but it is my dominant side as well so maybe it has but is now just on a par with my left?

    Maybe I'll just keep working on it to see if the current pain subsides, reluctant to have surgery, but if I have no other choice...

  • @taniwharugby You mention it being bad after a poor night's sleep? My experience is that if you have an RC problem, poor sleeping posture can really fuck you up. This is particularly so if you have tight pecs that bring your shoulders forward and over training on the beach muscles can easily do this. The resistance band exercises are a good antidote I've found but not in isolation. You need to have a diagnosis on how your RC problem is causing you grief and take it on from there. There is no one cure-all. but, having said that you might want to look at sleeping more on your back with a slightly elevated sleeping position - as in not flat out but a raised upper torso like in old time hospital beds.

  • @Catogrande was just a one off night,

    I do generally sleep on my back, or when on my side it is on the side with the good shoulder, have a good pillow too, as I find that hugely important in good sleep.

    On the beach muscles, yeah I'm good on that front, I have >40 dad muscles 🙂 ...always used to laugh and point at the dudes at the gym with hunched shoulders from too much bench pressing or massive upper bodies and chicken legs!

  • @taniwharugby I now sleep with a pillow sideways so as to avoid trapping my shoulder (sleep on tummy from time to time), which can leave it weakened all day.
    Know the shoulders forward look! Need to do bent over lateral raises to try and straighten things?
    As for the chicken legs, at our advanced ages the only hope is an easy to use proper leg press machine!

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