v Waikato

  • Probably going to be our toughest match yet, and thats including Auckland, who in hindsight we should have beaten!!

    Anyone got the lowdown on injuries? Obviously Josh Goodhue looks the most in doubt, but the rest seemed to come through the Southland match unscathed from what I saw.

    Waikato have some strike weapons out wide, but if we can strangle them in midfield with our rock solid D I'm sure we'll restrict their space a bit.

    Key word is 'ruthless' again! Momentum is ours, let's keep the throttle down.

  • so far we have only conceded 7 points in the 2nd half of our 3 games this year....

    I think Matich limped off as well.

    I think Dan Pryor had a shoulder niggle, so hopefully he and Matich are good we will have a full compliment of loosies to choose from, although if Josh Goodhue out, will they have to run with a lock on the bench, given when Douglas been at 6, we've had 2 loosies on the bench.

    Reece and Guildford lead many of the stats for metres, linebreaks etc, so we need to starve them the ball, while ensuring Macilai and Alaimalo who feature reasonably high up on the leading stats too, get a lot of ball.

  • Ross, Wright, Matt Moulds, Ropate Rinakama
    Tim Bond, Murray Douglas
    Jack Ram, Dan Pryor, Matt Matich
    Sam Nock, Dan Hawkins
    Jack Goodhue, Rene Ranger
    Jone Macilai, Solomon Alaimalo, Jordan Hyland

    Reserves: Jordan Olsen, Howard Sililoto, Phil Kite, Josh Larsen, Jaycob Matiu, Matty Markwick, Tim Blundell, Blake Hohaia

    So is Kara injured this week, or just good old fashioned rotation?

    So Matt Wright, Josh Goodhue both out with concussion, Breen, Waa and Kara injured?

    Good to see Larsen back

  • Zac Guildford, Iliesa Ratuva Tavuyara, Sevu Reece, Pita Ahki, Tyler Campbell, Sam Christie, Pele Cowley; Jordan Manihera, Mitch Jacobson, Luke Jacobson, James Tucker, Jacob Skeen (c), Sefo Kautai, Hame Faiva, Loni Uhila

    Reserves: Samisoni Taukei'aho, Ayden Johnstone, Duke Nginingini, Leva Fifita, Adam Burn, Harrison Levien, Matty Lansdown, Bailyn Sullivan


  • pretty solid looking Waikato team, will be a good gauge for us to see if we have really made progress.

    Looks like showers forecast for Saturday, which is a shame cos I reckon could be a decent walk up crowd if the weather turns it on.

  • @taniwharugby I like our team, we have some depth, so looking forward to getting a line on how we are improving. Hope we turn up with attitude and play some rugby.

  • @kev said in v Waikato:

    @taniwharugby I like our team, we have some depth, so looking forward to getting a line on how we are improving. Hope we turn up with attitude and play some rugby.

    I still don't think this team has hit its full potential yet, I reckon there's still heaps to unleash.

    One of these upcoming games we are going to bust out a near complete performance...let's hope it's this one. Waikato are apparently fired up over last years result, so will be tough, but the way we are travelling that shouldn't bother us. Us by 8 👍

  • Bloody awful weather here this morning, she's raining cats and dogs.

    I don't have much hope that it'll clear by late afternoon... crossing my fingers and toes though!

  • @Gunner had heard that the main grandstand was pretty much sold out...? Isn't supposed to be this bad today, so hopefully it does clear.

  • Showers still around, but not as bad as this mornings deluge.
    The wind is blowing at about a million miles an hour though, so sure to have some impact on the game.

    Come on Tani's!!!!

  • Good try but hungus - should have been a try under the posts not in the corner

  • Whoa, great try by Alaimalo to open up the scoring.

    Promising start by Northland 5-0

  • @Stockcar86 said in v Waikato:

    Good try but hungus - should have been a try under the posts not in the corner

    Always a risk of a pass going to ground maybe?

    (Of course if it was Masaga or Kata then it would be a clear hungus).

  • Tough penalty. Don't see many head high tackles made only a foot off the ground.

  • Great call taking the scrum.

    The wind makes it a 50/50 chance at goal, and our line out is dodgy.

  • Crowd favourite Ross Wright crashing over.


  • Right, I'm settled into the game now, better support the sponsor and pop the top off a Red!

  • Definite yellow, possible red?

  • Yellow it is, which is a fair call.

    We need to take advantage of this and put a few more points on, especially since we have to turn around and play into the wind.


  • We haven't played very smart since Waikato have had a man in the bin

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