Big Plans for Wellington?

  • Just saw this on Stuff. A proposed massive development of the concourse between the Rail Station and the Stadium.

    Looks ok but I see a lot of potential problems. Wellington can only sustain a certain level of population due to its topography.
    That population can't sustain an increase in the size of the city and something somewhere else would give. It is a bit like building a flash new mall in a town and the rest of the town dies. In Wellington's case the Lambton and Willis areas would end up being even more desolate than the currently are.
    The other big problem is earthquakes. That area of town seems to get hit the hardest whenever a decent shake hits. Even all the modern earthquake design around didn't save the NZDF building from needing to be demolished and rebuilt.
    i'd be interested in others thoughts. Is it visionary or a potential white elephant?

    alt text

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