Rugby = Evil ... apparently

  • Getting thoroughly sick of rugby being painted as the root cause of all that is bad in the world.

    Latest "blow" to the sport is "Rugby Players Have Drink After Loss at Home". Note: After and at Home.

    Apparently they have consensual sex occasionally.

    I applaud the Rugby Union for trying to control the dickhead element in our sport. Maybe that can spread to have a positive effect on the dickheads in wider society. But gutter level trolling "journalism" trying to link any sort of "bad" behaviour together is pretty poor IMO.

    What's more responsible than going to a mate's place and having a couple of drinks? FFS.

  • So basically, after a match, they went to a private residence and had drinks. No violence, no crime, no damage, no impact on any outsider.

    What a fucking stupid article. Reading between the lines, the Auckland rugby spokesperson desperately wanted to say 'go fuck yourself.' And slap the youngsters who must post every fucking aspect of their lives on Facebook or Twitter.

  • I saw this earlier, and vented loudly and vigorously. The alcohol isn't a great look for semi-pro athletes, but you can bet that a decent session with your mates helped team bonding somewhat. Very responsible way to do it, in private, at a home, with no shenanigans. If there was ever a trigger for this, losing by 50 to Harbour would be it. I'm surprised the coach wasn't there drowning his sorrows too.

    This is fake news.

    Also, bet it was the halfback who kept posting through to early Monday morning.

  • Also, going to anti alcohol campaigners for a quote is just manufactured outrage. THey would blame Irma on beer if they could.

  • It's also a reflection of the fact that the average age of an NZ Herald reporter must be about twelve.

    The way current media can breathlessly run - as an example - an article about someone being 'fat shamed' in the same day as one one the latest medical news tut-tutting about us all getting fat, and make no obvious link beside stirring...

    Generate maximum outrage by running a fluff piece about an All Black, follow it up by another hand ringing piece about the latest rugby drinking/concussion/night on the town outrage.

    Tis all about stirring up Twitter outrage these days.

  • @Donsteppa said in Rugby = Evil ... apparently:

    It's also a reflection of the fact that the average age of an NZ Herald reporter must be about twelve.

    Just swung through the shops. That article is the front page lead above the fold for the Herald on Sunday. Lead article. FFS.

    Rugby players drink beer! Health campaigners appalled! Won't somebody please think of the children!

  • good to see they have thier priorities right...leading with rugby players having a few beers in the privacy of thier home, instead of the fact that citizens of Florida are evacuating because of Irma although was probably on the press too eary to worry about the big quake in Mexico!

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