Northland vs. North Harbour

  • Toll Northland vs North Harbour
    Thursday 14th September 2017
    Kick-off 7:35pm

    1. RossWright

    2. Matt Moulds

    3. Ropate Rinakama

    4. Murray Douglas

    5. Tim Bond

    6. Jack Ram

    7. Dan Pryor

    8. Jaycob Matiu (Blazer Game)

    9. Sam Nock

    10. Dan Hawkins

    11. Jone Macilai

    12. Jack Goodhue

    13. Rene Ranger

    14. Solomon Alaimalo (Blazer Game)

    15. Matt Wright


    1. Jordan Olsen

    2. Howard Sililoto

    3. Phil Kite

    4. Josh Larsen

    5. Michael Faleafa

    6. Matty Markwick

    7. Peter Breen

    8. Blake Hohaia

    Not Considered for Selection due to Injury

    Josh Goodhue

    Matt Matich

    Kara Pryor

    Tom Robinson

    Tamati Tua

    Namatahi Waa

    Malcolm MacLeod

  • Game of the round.

    Two in form sides that are well coached and play a great brand of footy.

  • @Tim I heard from a mate this week that Shaun Treeby has signed with Harbour. Any inside word?

  • Haven't heard anything. Is he injury cover?

  • @Tim said in Northland vs. North Harbour:

    Haven't heard anything. Is he injury cover?

    Confirmed on their website.

  • Harbour team named and porkroll starting which is good news. Treeby on bench

    1 Chris Eves 2. James Parsons (c) 3. Sione Mafileo 4. Gerard Cowley-Tuioti 5. Jarrad Hoeata 6. Glenn Preston 7. Murphy Taramai 8. Kuki Moala-Liava'a 9. Bryn Hall 10. Bryn Gatland 11. Tevita Li 12. Harrison Groundwater 13. Matt Vaega 14. Matt Duffie 15. Shaun Stevenson

    16 Steven Misa 17. Karl Tu'inukuafe 18. Mike Tamoaieta 19. Brandon Nansen 20. Connor Collett 21. Chris Smylie 22. Shaun Treeby 23. Ben Volavola

  • Looks like Matt Wright has either picked up and injury or possibly headaches given he has been off with concussion; Alaimalo back to FB and Hyland to 14


  • Hoata not to get sin binned for that slap.

  • Tevita Li has been fucking terrible tonight.

  • Wright vs. Hoata has been intense tonight!

  • What a sensational game.

  • Fun game to watch, how did Northland lose that? They were all over them.

  • Well fuck!

    We deserved a BP at the very least tonight, so I'm pretty unhappy right now.

    That bloody intercept! Could well have been a try at the other end if it had made it to Rangers hands.

    I've got nothing else to say but fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck!

  • @Kirwan said in Northland vs. North Harbour:

    Fun game to watch, how did Northland lose that? They were all over them.

    Didn't take our chances.

  • Harbour kicked too much in the first 55 minutes, but Northland put them under a lot of pressure. Bloody good Northland team this year.

  • That was a battle! Big ups to Northland who I thought were very good tonight. Harbour scrappy but a win is a win. Great start to the season!

  • Disappointed, we had that, but lost to a good team.

  • Very scrappy first half but an intensity you don't often get in ITMC

    Harbour took their chances and eked out a result. If I was a Taniwha supporter I'd be very disappointed - but I'm not 😛

    Canterbury will be very, very worried 😆

  • @dogmeat bring it on!

    Great game. Had it all even a Hoeata scrap.

    Bryn Hall was superb in that final quarter. He really directed the play well and sped the attack up for Harbour.

  • @ACT-Crusader yeah I don't even think TAB were willing to give odds on him getting into a scrap 🙂

    Yeah Hall was massive in that final 15 or so.

    The 2 tries (not the intercept) they always had numbers and all they needed to do was move the ball, Breen will be gutted at his effort on the 2nd try though, more gutting as we have finished strongly in all 2nd halves so far....

    Still gutted with that loss, another that got away, despite the quality of that Harbour side, hopefully the disappointment of losing that at the death will spur them on!!

  • @taniwharugby getting fended off by Volavola is no easy feat 🙂

    Taniwha will bounce back I reckon. They've got the right sort of gameplan and their defence is very good. A few lapses and rush of blood moments proved to be costly when the pressure was on at the end.

  • Taniwha are a good side. Harbour took their opportunities was the difference. I think the sides have the same strengths and tactics and sort of negated each other

  • @dogmeat it was funny watching the number of scrums that were just static with barely any movement from either side, no one able to establish any dominance, except that crucial 1 near the end 🙄

    Will be interesting to see how NH go against Canterbury though, you guys have a pretty good roster of players, cos right now it looks like there is the Canterbury Division, The Premiership & the Championship.