Otago v Tasman

  • Otago

    1 Craig Millar
    2 Sam Anderson-Heather
    3 Hisa Sasagi
    4 Josh Furno
    5 Josh Dickson
    6 Dillon Hunt
    7 James Lentjes
    8 Adam Knight
    9 Josh Renton
    10 Josh Ioane
    11 Latu Vaeno
    12 Teihorangi Walden
    13 Sio Tomkinson
    14 Mitchell Scott
    15 Fletcher Smith

    16 Sekonaia Pole
    17 Aki Seiuli
    18 Donald Brighouse
    19 Blair Tweed
    20 Sione Teu
    21 Jono Ruru
    22 Vilimoni Koroi
    23 Leroy van Dam

  • Tasman

    1 Tim Perry
    2 Andrew Makalio
    3 Isaac Salmon
    4 Alex Ainley (captain)
    5 Quinten Strange
    6 Ethan Blackadder
    7 Vernon Fredericks
    8 Jordan Taufua
    9 Billy Guyton
    10 Mitch Hunt
    11 James Lowe
    12 Alex Nankivell
    13 Levi Aumua
    14 Tima Faingaanuku
    15 Will Jordan

    16 Ti'i Paulo
    17 Tom Hill
    18 Drew Petelo
    19 Shannon Frizell
    20 Pete Samu
    21 Finlay Christie
    22 Tim O'Malley
    23 Trael Joass

    At this stage prop Tim Perry has been named, although his availability depends on the requirements of the All Blacks who the experienced loosehead has been training with this week. 

  • @Stargazer Could be a long night at the office if Perry isn't released to play. We'd have four rookie props!

    Drew Petelo is another new name to me.

    Quentin Strange recovered from his 'flu will hopefully help the lineout.

  • From Tasman's twitter feed:

    "Late change for Makos v @OtagoRugbyTeam today: Tom Hill to 1 jersey for Tim Perry. Tyrel Lomax in 18. #OTAvTAS #FinzUp"

  • James Lowe's ass, which has grown at the same rate as he has grown his hair, causes an HIA.

  • Great game to watch, with some great tries. Tasman leading 22-13 after 33 minutes.

  • Best 40 minutes of Tasman's season so far.

    Otago scored a very good try - otherwise we'd have this well in hand!

    Good game.

  • I'm sorry, but I do not agree with that being awarded as a penalty try. It looked like it was a genuine attempt at an intercept.

  • Penalty try and YC. Harsh call IMO.

  • That's the way it's been ruled all year.

    If you don't make the intercept in that position you're in trouble.

    I don't necessarily agree with how it's being ruled, but we lost a man to the bin for the same thing in an earlier game, so swings and roundabouts for me.

  • @Chris-B. I have more trouble with the penalty try than the YC. There was very little room down there and IMO not certain that a try would have been score.

  • @Stargazer Pretty likely though.

    Ainley with a completely dumb-arse play to even up the numbers.

  • That could be a red for Levi Aumua ... tip tackle.

  • And it is red.

  • Jesus - these guys have a suicidal impulse!!! 🙂

  • 15 against 13 players at the moment,

  • Why is time keeping so poor in the Mitre Ten Cup? Quite poor for a national competition.

  • That looked like he blew for the held up prior to the 80 minutes being up (by two seconds) but the referee is sole judge of time so there can be no disputing it. If they decide time is up, then time is up no matter how long has elapsed.

  • These Tasman guys are determined to raise my blood pressure this season.

    What should have been a comfortable win gets turned into a nail-biter by some idiocy from Alex Ainley and some clumsiness by Aumua.

    Still - would have been an injustice if we didn't get the points from that. Onward and upward.

  • Great game to watch as a neutral.