Hawke's Bay Saracens v Wellington Maori

  • HB the winners 43-30 in a see-sawing game. I thought the Maori were going to run away with it at one stage, then Higgins turned up and the HB lads perked up and fought back to a convincing win. 🙂
    My photos - http://www.chainsawphotos.co.nz/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=571
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  • Good to see you again Chainsaw. Must have been my aura that got my guys through! I just wish I could use that aura to help up in Pukekohe this afternoon but suspect we will need help from greater powers above than I can access. Still never give up hope or even go into a game thinking you aren't going to win because you certainly won't if that's what you are thinking.

  • Yeah I only caught the last of the Counties game, thankfully, needless to say i was much happier at the end of the next (Wellington v Canty) game!

  • Good work Chainsaw and Higgins (for turning the tide)!

    We'll take any win we can take at any level these days - although we do have the best school team in the country ;).

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